Kiera is such a beautiful name. Kiera is beautiful in general. She is absolutely stunning and and if you ever have the chance of meeting a Kiera, keep her close to your heart. Kiera doesn’t settle for an average boy, she will date a couple but then there’s that 1, that 1 boy who she will never get over losing. She admits she doesn’t still like him, but we all know she does. She doesn’t make it obvious, Kiera can hide things so deeply but still feel the same. Even if she didn’t like him she will always have a part of her that wants him back. Kiera deserves the world. She has gone through heaven and hell and deserves a chance of full happiness. Kiera’s style is soft and gentle. Funky and stylish outfits but loves the softie aesthetic. She deserves everything and all of her friends hopes she gets it. Did I mention she gives the best hugs<3
Aww Kiera looks so cute today!”

“Kiera gives the best hugs like omg!!”

“Nose, why you so cute”
by _nickle_ September 22, 2018
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A Kiera is a semi-popular girl. She isn’t in the top of the top ranks of popular and she doesn’t really want to be. She’s always spending her time with her friends but when she’s ever caught alone her personality took a complete 180. She is more self conscious and seems to loose her confidence. Walking down the halls of her school alone she is always concerned about how she looks. She always is afraid someone would talk shit behind her back so she trys to look decent. When she’s in class or work it’s her everyday personality on the outside but on the inside she is a broken mess that’s slowly spreading to the out. If you looked hard enough you could see it in her eyes and in the fake smile she plasters on her face. A Kiera may seem like a very happy person but some are falling apart and when she try’s to talk about it everyone thinks she’s joking because she has a darker kind of humor. She had always sweared that she would never get back together with an ex and she has been seceding with it. As night falls she stays upstairs in her room and works on video game footage or for fun like to sit in the shower with water running down them. It calms them and usually causes them to fall asleep earlier.
Person1: how was she happy one minute but quiet and depressed the next?
Person2: I don’t know mate, but she’s definitely a Kiera.
by VIP_Bob December 12, 2018
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Kiera is a loving person and tries to see the best in people. She may have had her heart broken but it’s because she tried to see that they were still a good person even if they weren’t. She has gone through a lot and has suffered through painful times but still tries her best to plaster a fake smile on her face. If u ever meet a Kiera , don’t forget or hurt her because you may have just ruined an amazing friendship by doing that. She can be sensitive to some things and hate talking about them but she’s fine when her friends change the subject or don’t fuss about it. She feels great hanging with her friends at school but as soon as she’s walking along the corridors alone her self asteem drops to zero. She tries to look her best and doesn’t like going out if she domesticated feel petty enough for herself and can be very gentle and delicate. If you meet a Kiera , DO NOT LEAVE her she will be worth the wait once you’ve got to know her xoxo
Have u seen Kiera ?
Yes she looked uncomfortable walking on her own so I joined her and she was smiley as ever 😁
Dude she toats looks great today 👍
by Kb12xoxo July 27, 2019
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Means Sunshine, Meaning always bringing light into the world and unto People
Kiera is the sunshine of my day
by Wrist Icecicle December 8, 2016
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Kiera is just absolutely amazing. She is loud, crazy, fun to hang around and an amazing kisser! She is legit! She random and loves bubbles. You can't get any better than her. Being called a Kiera is a HUGE compliment(: She is loving and like I said, amazing! She is G. Meet her and you will never forget her. She is amazingly sexy and has an outstanding body. She is all around gorgeous! She is totally exciting. She will rock your socks off!
Dude, you are totally a Kiera!
by Gorgeousgirl1215 February 2, 2012
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The most smiley happy girl ever. Can be a trifle awkward at times. She is very pretty, and can be popular. Kiera tries to be nice to everyone. All-in-all, a great person.
Guy 1: Woah did you see Kiera yesterday?
Guy 2: Yeah she was smiling
by NNNNNNNNATE April 6, 2011
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the best person you could ever see. angel. makes people laugh and is cool and smart, also strong! very amazing and really cool person hot and cute and awesome again!

Person: I wish i was hot like kiera
Person 2: me too she so cool ah
person 1: youll never be like kiera
Kiera is awesome!
by boboobobobob April 4, 2017
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