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Kiera is just absolutely amazing. She is loud, crazy, fun to hang around and an amazing kisser! She is legit! She random and loves bubbles. You can't get any better than her. Being called a Kiera is a HUGE compliment(: She is loving and like I said, amazing! She is G. Meet her and you will never forget her. She is amazingly sexy and has an outstanding body. She is all around gorgeous! She is totally exciting. She will rock your socks off!
Dude, you are totally a Kiera!
by Gorgeousgirl1215 February 01, 2012
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The most smiley happy girl ever. Can be a trifle awkward at times. She is very pretty, and can be popular. Kiera tries to be nice to everyone. All-in-all, a great person.
Guy 1: Woah did you see Kiera yesterday?
Guy 2: Yeah she was smiling
by NNNNNNNNATE April 05, 2011
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Means Sunshine, Meaning always bringing light into the world and unto People
Kiera is the sunshine of my day
via giphy
by Wrist Icecicle December 07, 2016
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the most awesomest person like fun 2 b around. she rockles my sockles. Kiera can always smile no matter what! She is really fun, and enjoys teasing me about...stuff. Most of us know Kiera as a really confined, nice, rule - following fellow. Tonight she has done quite the opposite!!! To my liking, of course... (makes me smile...)she is bubblicous! she is smart, silly, and shiny!!!yes shiny! s-h-i-n-y!!! okay i am done---(mostly')does not curse.
KIERA IS SO AWESOME YOU CAN'T BEAT IT!!!! Kiera is an angel.
by TEEKNS December 17, 2005
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1.) an amazing person who can put a smile on anyones face even if she cant put a smile on her face

2.) a very very very very very very musical person

3.) an akward little girl who dosen't understand the world
That Kiera is a kick ass girl
by Alice Senter December 17, 2008
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Kiera is the coolest person on the planet. Shes always smiley and makes me all smiley. She rocks my socks off so hardcore style that it hurts..but then it tickles..
if you ever speak to her. You'll know what i mean
omg. youre so kiera
Like, wow, youre so kiera, i love your hair
by LizzieLidocaine April 18, 2007
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She is the most awesome person ever! The best best friend ever! She is hot! She is so popular! Always smiling! Usually Irish!
Damn did u see Kiera!?
Yeah she had so many people around her!
by Maya brooks November 12, 2017
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