aye im part scouser n tho i dnt ave no accent i stil say sum words in d way u wud up north la. Grass n tings la dat fo example n all my mates take d piss n if dere bored wil start an argument aba how i dnt speak propa it does my nut in. Liverpool r boss n scousers all scousers r sound i love bein up dere nyceset place if u neva been u gta go
N many scousers ent thieves we r jus gud at doin it if we feel d need so hush up yer!
by Scouse_gyal November 05, 2006
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A person with a wig and an afro in a shellsuit, looking to start a fight. Starts a lot of sentences with 'hey, hey alright'
What do you call a scouser in a filing cabinet?
by undisclosed March 01, 2004
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A thieving cunt from Liverpool. Likes to make the most out of tradgedies (Hillsborough). Someone who speaks a different language to other people so you cannot understand them when they are about to nick your trainers.
Look at that Scouser cunt trying to nick that old womens purse.
by hillsborough89 September 28, 2009
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Horrible cunts from the biggest shithole that is liverpool. The lads wear shellsuits, and in every sentence say "la". Make sure you have a umbrella with you as they spit as they speak. Anyone male who has 3mm longer hair is apparently "gay laaaaaaaa" and they are child killers.
They call people from st. helens woolbacks but they are too thick to realise that the term refers to someone who worked on the docks in the 60's. The women are butt ugly and usally sport quiffs, bleached white hair, and apply their make up with shovels.
" eh up laaaaaaaaa ur a pure woollllll arent ye larrrrrrrrrrr but im a scouser"
by niggsy09 October 08, 2009
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Someone who has a dodgy perm & 'tach. Wears a Shellsuit, is on the Social & is very adept @ sealing cars, car stereo's, alloys etc
by Turkish September 16, 2003
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Resident of Liverpool.

Notorious for being smarter, thinner, more driven and generally better than Mancunian shit bags who tend to have children at 14 to begin an economic empire of benefits.
Scouser: "Alright mate, how's things?"

Manc: "arrrr mayyyt, gorrer fuckin go t' get meh gyroh mayyyt,

Scouser: "What a terrible state of affairs. Well, at least you're a successful city in terms of football. Not as successful as Liverpool, mind..."
by Destroyer of Mancs April 29, 2010
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Scousers are residents of Liverpool England who are heavily and harshly stereotyped by everyone in england generally because..............The stereotypes are true.They thieve mug murder and Rape people because they need the money coz they haven't got a job and Liverpool was the birth place of the chavs (scallys).The majority are die hard Liverpool FC fans and the educated part of Liverpool are everton fans. Usually saying the phrase "Calm Down" repeatedly or saying "A" repeatedly.Tend to drink alot would round the shit infested streets looking forward to gyro day so they can go to the pub and get battered straight after they get there money
"A gaz thtscouse twats running away with your bike"

Scouser A:"U wanna make something of it A"

Scouser B"A A A A A come on then"

Scouser C:" Oi lads come on Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down"
by Reeviero March 22, 2008
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