Used variously to describe full-coverage running clothes (for cool weather), tennis and soccer warmup clothing, and any other kind of vaguely athletic-looking leisure suit. Usually a matched two-piece getup, frequently featuring stripes or designs of some kind. Status brands are Adidas, Fila, and Nike.

Worn by athletes, criminals, juvenile delinquents, and middle aged people who have given up hope.
I wanted to buy that velor Fila tracksuit at Big Five, but I decided that I didn't want to look like a drug dealer.
by Jon9999 March 6, 2011
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All Slavs wear this, it allows them to squat further down and store more vodka in their body.
Person A ‘I saw someone drinking vodka and listening to hardbass yesterday’
Person B ‘’Were they wearing an Adidas Tracksuit?’
Person B ‘Of course’
by CykaSlav February 3, 2018
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tracksuit twitter is the name of louis tomlinson’s fans on twitter named by harries.
“those tracksuit twitter stans are simping over louis tomlinson again”
by stream walls July 10, 2020
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An adidas tracksuit is the most fashionable item. Everyone needs one in their wardrobe.
Carter is so cool.
Does he wear adidas tracksuits?
by Tnicki May 19, 2021
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A two piece sport wear worn by early 70's pimps, pushers, thugs or early 2011 nico canarinos who are trying to bring back the style.

often worn well with gold chains, medallions, and a wife beater underneath the jacket.

Person wearing the jumpsuit may be tempted to slickback their hair and chances are wont be able to resist wearing to large of sunglasses on their face
Hey Nico what the hell is that your wearing....

"im bringing it back"

You look like my grandma in that valour tracksuit
by jsjsjsj January 18, 2011
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see above or dale
In the world where tracksuits are fashionable, Dale is king.
by dale's other friend April 29, 2004
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