A sad year for Rock N' Roll. Three of the greatest Rock Stars of all time died in one year, forcing one legendary band to quit.

1. John Bonham-One of the greatest drummers of all time dies after the rock n' roll lifestyle catches up to him. Led Zeppelin, of course, couldn't continue making music after this, so they became legends that fateful night in 1980.

2. Bon Scott-Drank so much that he ended up choking on his own vomit later on. Somehow, AC/DC rebounded from this with their best album.

3. John Lennon-One of the founders of rock n' roll, his lyrics have been heard throughout the world as a message of peace. He will always be remembered, especially since every Beatles song is a hit.
by Joebrady8902 April 29, 2006
Worst year in history

On that year Danijel was born
This is the worst year ever its like the 1980 again im going to shoot my balls
by Alen 0 jaja sad November 3, 2018
The decade of cocaine, roller blading, weird fashion, the best sex, simpler times and the finest females. America was the number one place to be in the world. Also a time when New York and New Jersey (East Coast) were the hottest places, and took back America as the best place to be; from the previous West Coast and the South. Also the era when Japanese cars took over the American market in popularity. Like Mazda, Honda and Toyota.

And of course, some of the craziest music produced by human beings, ever.
Sometimes you wish society was just like the weird ol' 1980s.

To a European, if you were ADIDAS, you're an Eastern European. To an American, if you were ADIDAS you're representin' the retro 1980s.
by Charmouche February 18, 2017
The 1980s is the most overrated decade of all time. Here's why:

1. The music consisted of those annoying keyboard sounds with that electric synth Pop sound. The beats were all techno with no bass sound to them. The best artist of the decade would most definitely be Michael Jackson because he was ahead of his time.

2. According to facts, the sitcom genre was pretty much pronounced dead until The Cosby Show premiered. The Cosby Show was the best sitcom in the 80s because the other shows were basically American shows that would cast only one African American cast member.

3. The fashion was a DISASTER. Nobody matched. Even people who grew up in the 80s are embarassed by the things they did at the time and the things they wore.

4. The movies were extremely cheesy, with the exception of The Color Purple.

5. The 80s started the whole AIDS epidemic, and that caused a fear in people.

6. Drugs were used heavily in the 80s. People just acted as if they didn't give a crap, kind of like they do in this millenium.

7. Although rap was new in the 80s, it was mostly corny, with the exception a few rappers.

To sum up everything, basically the 80s was defined by Michael Jackson, The Cosby Show, and the whole drug revolution. The 80s were better than the 2000s, but they surely weren't better than the 1990s.
by TheShockingTruth August 26, 2011
Possibly the best time period there ever was to live in.
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp April 25, 2005
A Fat YouTube reject and beta male who runs a live streaming circus that consists of a bunch of weirdos from this community called BOYT
Hey guys, Let's go watch Noodles 1980 act like an idiot on live stream.

Hey guys, did you know Noodles 1980 swatted that disabled guy?
by Poordog97 June 15, 2022
A decade that began on January 1, 1981 and ended on December 31, 1990 by the technical definition of a decade (counting 1-10 instead of counting 0-9, same as 2001 began the millennium). However, the politics, music, fashion, and general culture that defined the 1980s stretched beyond the technical definition. Many see the entire first half of the 1990s as simply a continuation of the 1980s, and the last few years of the 1970s as a precursor to the 1980s. The reason this occured was because the 1970s and 1990s for the most part did not contain as many decade-specific defining cultural traits and were simply interim decades between two major decades (ie: the 1960s, the 1980s, the 2000s). Broadest definitions of the 1980s can typically range from 1976, the year Jimmy Carter was elected, to 1994, the year that the internet became easily accessible to the public.
1. I know the movie "China Moon" was released in 1994, but look at the way everyone's dressed, the music, the type of film used. Anyone who says that it's not a 1980's movie is an elitist.

2. You're telling me that Gary Numan's "Cars" isn't a 1980's song because it was released in 1979? Fuck you.
by fotografioj March 19, 2011