A town in central New Jersey of about 40,000 people. Despite it's somewhat large population, the town still has a rural (diminishing) feel to it. Landwise, it is huge and you can easily have friends that live in the same town as you, yet it takes 20 minutes to get to their house. There is no downtown here, altough they are supposedly planning to "create" one along the main business drag. Football is huge here, yet the high school team sucks on a perrenial basis. The town is mostly white (73%), but there are a ton of Asians (East Asian and Indians) moving in along with a smaller contigent of African Americans. Many people here hope that Hillsborough doesn't end up like Edison, NJ.
Funnest thing to do in Hillsborough is either the movie theatre or Applebees.
by Corpswhore97 October 17, 2010
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That is a real Hillsborough.
by truyiriyti November 30, 2004
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A town of 12,000 In the Bay Area, sandwitched between Burlingame, San Mateo and Highway 280. There are no comercial enterprises in this town and public schools only go up to middle school (Crocker Middle School), so students choose between Burlingame High, San Mateo High (known as the coolest high school in all of California) and Aragon High. Its residents tend to be somewhat wealthy, but everyone who lives there is really cool.
I was on 280 South, and before I hit the 92 to Half Moon Bay, I passed the coolest place to live- Hillsborough.
by Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo January 11, 2006
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A small Californian town that has no businesses and is full of super rich people who are in the high-middle to upper class. Their little league baseball is the best in the Bay Area despite only 11,000 residents, most of whom are rich retired senor citizens. Many famous people live their including Ricky Henderson. This town was once a home for Shirley Temple. Neighboring cities and towns hate Hillsborough because of the abundance of wealth and ownage in all sports. The girls are as hot as they can be, and the guys are athletic and handsome.
Those rich Hillsborough kids just one the little league state championship, damn you have no idea what I'd do to live there.
by Ballin875 April 10, 2011
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A sad, sad city in New Jersey. Mostly rich caucasians reside here. Everyone thinks just because you live here you're made of money. Think Again. Also, many of the whites try to act "black" or "hispanic" to try and fit in with the few minorities that attend the schools. The rest are all preppy people that walk around in american eagle polos with their "collars popped" looking "pimp". SUPPOSABLY.
2 caucasian males making plans for a friday night IN HILLSBOROUGH

Robert-Yoooo Sean! We gon chill at boro block after applebees?
Sean-Fo sho ma nizzle!
by Jocelyn<3 November 30, 2005
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a part of san mateo, california. filled with uber rich, arogent snops that play cricket on their front lawn.
screw hillsborough, lets go to shoreview
by CrazyFool December 30, 2005
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small town in southern New Hampshire that boasts an alarming rate of towniedom, filled with hicks that love big trucks and walmart. if you ever happen to visit this sad shithole of a place try to ignore all the retards and just enjoy the undeniably beautiful highways that lead out of Silent Hillsborough.
man hillsborough is so stupid they felt a compelling need to shorten the legal name of the town to "Hillsboro" to accomodate the infestation of ignorance.
by Sir Iron Tail Fratley July 18, 2006
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