A load of cunts that talk with a fucking stupid accent. They all dress the same and make up stupid words that don't make sense. The girls are mostly slags and all the males think they are hard because they fight about 40 on 1 and they take pills.Most are fat and poor. They are also incredibly stupid.
Guy 1"hey looks scoucers over there"
Guy 2"Wow suddenly I just feel alot richer, better dressed, thinner and smarter"
by Killer March 10, 2005
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an inhabitant of the ridiculously over stereotyped liverpool, used by outsiders such as "mancs" (pl.mancs, also see "dirty nazi inbred vermin"), as a derrogative towards its northern neighbour, to shield the truth that the mancs live in a crumbling, run-down shithole, reminisence from the industrial revoluton, full of wife beating barbaric monkeys, crime-rate to make L.A look like a neighbourhood watch area, and murdering GP's, so that may feel better, THINKING that there is a place much worse than where they are stuck... when in fact the mancs are only describing what they are. most of the definitions for "scouser" on this page are actually definitions for the word "manc", so let them type thier total bullshit and do not retaliate, safe in the knowlege that they only
e.g. by eck our kid, i cant understand a fookin word of that up there coz im an addidas shellsuit bottom wearing crack smoking granny stabber of a manc with 3 brain cells!!! MAD FER'IT!!
by hanz weiss December 13, 2003
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As everyone has said, a scouser is someone from Liverpool. Like all cities, Liverpool has its scum but I have to say they were colourful and well-mannered. When I stayed there in 1991 I witnessed a branch of Dixons being broken into one night but the thieves were all very polite. They wished me good evening as I went past and went to pains to ensure I wasn't hit by any flying glass from the window they were breaking. I felt this was a very nice touch.
"Oh no! Someone has broken my car window and nicked the radio! But at least they swept the broken glass up - They must be a scouser!"
by Bob Sometimes March 23, 2005
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u make me sick people on here probably havent even been to liverpool and ur sitting there calling them if u took the time to come here u'd know that we dont have perms that went out years ago and were do u get shell suits from and if u must know lascoste is a very expensive brand
who says carm down carm down anymore
by leonie August 27, 2004
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a person hailing from the world famous city. unique identity and language. original and humourous. doesnt give a fuck about no-mark mings from nowheresville still stereotypin. inventor of the 'casual' soccer and scally scene. PROUD, individual. SCOUSERS ARE NOT ENGLISH. often socialists. Everton FC supporter. multi talented - music, boxing and football. often copied and imitated.
only people to stand up against Thatchers dictatorship, everton fc a team for the people in a sky tv, money dominated era. wayne rooney, the la's, cast, not to even mention u know who. echo and the bunnymen. john conte.
by AndyH April 07, 2004
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someone from liverpool who through the tv programmes "bread" and "boys from the blackstuff" has been represented as an unemployed, theiving caricature.

i am from liverpool and can clarify that i have never worn a lacoste shellsuit. on the other hand i have stolen many cars in the past and if ain't nailed down....

reading through the previous posts it's nice to know how much we are hated, an achievment in itself. thanks.
owen..... 1-0
by soul boy December 03, 2003
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a strange being, who has a bitter jealous of mancunians. usually lazy, small, ginger, speak like non educated fools and have a strane way about never accepting any form of blame. please remember, they are always right, always inocent, yet everyone else isnt; that is there terrible mentality
hilsbrough a disaster, "blame the fucken police lah!! justice!!!!"

heysell, where scousers murderd 39 italians "god those itaes are fucken cunts lah, we didnt do nuffin it was a fucken tragedy lah"

by fhisthebest April 07, 2006
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