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Deriving from the Ali G show, from his character Bruno (the Gay Austrian Fashion reporter) It is another word for Penis.
I never thought she would be so into sucking Schwansonshctuck!
My Schwansonschtuck created a great morning tent this morning.
by Turkish November 17, 2004

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multi-cultural website devoted to making fun of webmasters and blogs that serve little to no purpose, dedicated to wiping out 'GEEKDOM', and ultimately striving to make the world a cooler, much more cynical place to live. often mistaken it's often edgy racist humor, mysterydouchebags.com lives on to prove to the world that the internet is full of shit.
I read CHUD today. What a bunch of over inflated egos! They deserve their comeupance - I KNOW! Let's go to mysterydouchebags.com and make fun of them!
by Turkish April 06, 2005

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when your anus is dripping supurflous liquids
ugh the aweshole is coming from my aweshole, it's fucking aweshole...
by turkish March 20, 2005

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to be homosexual like the group. flaming.
Dude, that thing you just did was so gay. Straight up WHAM!
by Turkish November 29, 2003

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Someone who has a dodgy perm & 'tach. Wears a Shellsuit, is on the Social & is very adept @ sealing cars, car stereo's, alloys etc
by Turkish September 16, 2003

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