1. This is how idiots spell sense, since they have no sense, they can't fucking spell it.

2. This misspelled word is also a form of since according to some idiot - English translations.
<insert any MMORPG here> chat:
Idiot: That doesn't make sence!
Me: YOU don't make sense! "SENCE" IS NOT A FUCKING WORD, MORON! Sorry... IDIOT! Wait, no... too subtle... how 'bout, nub to life!?
by Sledgefists February 25, 2008
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“it doesn't really make sence with u thinking my username is similar to XxX
by guerrilla_man September 14, 2018
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(pronounced sense) meaning seven times as much (etc. once, twice, thrice, quance, quince, seice)
"You shat and blew up the toilet sence?!"
by kruto February 5, 2023
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Shortened form of Sensimilla (Marajuana), a bastardization of the Spanish phrase "sin semillla" - Without seeds.
"Don't smoke buddah. Can't stand sence" (from the 1988 Rob Base song "It Takes Two")
by FANCY PANTS NYC November 16, 2010
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When you ram something very large up your bosses backside for continually picking you up on your spelling.
I senced the mother f*cker or I took the fire extinguisher and senced him. Alex I'm gonna sence you with your books.
by PaulTheSpellingKing February 9, 2007
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The right way to spell “sense” anything else is wrong
“Nah cus sence makes sence so don’t even 🙄”
-an intellectual
by Don’t ask mf January 31, 2022
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Not of or making any sense. Usually only used when speaking to a very rude and obnoxious person.
Person 1: Hey Joey look at this *shows pic*
Person 2: *obviously annoyed* That makes no sence.
by Joe Killroy October 18, 2018
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