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A primative sub-species of humanity found around the river tyne in the north east of England.

More easily spotted during cold weather because of a penchent to wear very little clothing in order to prove their virility to the female of the species. Females do likewise.

Full of bravado but for display purposes only. Can usually be found kicking telephone boxes to bits around their watering hole when frustraed by major disappointments.
Did you see the geordies in 1989?

Aye! Three hundred on the pitch and they still couldn't put the ball in the net.
by David Attenborough November 16, 2004
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A bunch of uncultured swines waiting to get noticed by Good morning Britain and their own so called football team 🤢🤮 sorry threw up a lil bit ! They Live in chavvy area also know as Newcastle, the only good and nice human being living there is called Amber rose gill. And is also known for all of the drug addicts , alcoholics and horny f-boys waiting for a school girl to go home to put their tiny wiener in .
Watch out for those scruffy magpies over there bloody Geordies.

What’s that awful smell .. oh wait it’s only a Geordie. Sweet heart don’t forget your Geordie repellent.
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