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The act of taking a pull or swig directly from a bottle of liquor. Schwills are usually performed in a group while passing the bottle to the next person after each schwill. Schwills are not mixed, but can be pre-chased, chased (chaser), or be taken str8 up no chase.
"Let's schwill some of that bottle."

"Quit fckin double schwillin."

"Pass the schwillage."
by French Landis September 20, 2006
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to take a swig or drink from somebody else's drink. if you ask for a schwill it cant be denied.
1. hey can i get a schwill of that?
2. yes

1. hey can i get a sip of that?
2. no
by BaF22 April 28, 2007
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to drink an alcoholic beverage, to take a sip of someones drink.
He asked me for a schwill of my beer.
by Phreaky Jesus January 16, 2005
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Taking a drink of a liquid, normally a alcoholic beverage, in the amount larger than a sip, but smaller than a chug, A SHWILL.
"Johnny let me get a schwill of that."
by Skiz Kaniz November 13, 2006
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Usually pertains to alcohol, but can also be used for pretty much anything. It can be a noun, verb, adjective, or almost any other part of speech. It can mean to take a drink, a hit, a drag, a bite, etc. It can be used to describe a person, i.e. schwilly, or drunk. There are many variations of the word schwill, but my favorite is schwillmaster. Schwill may be the most useful word in my vocabulary, and it's just fun to say. The word originates from Shakedown Street, but claimed fame when Randy Rollins brought it to Tha Gilla, IL, where the word took off and became standard Gilla language.
n.- That schwill takes dank!
v.- Let me schwill that bong(or beer, blunt, spliff, etc.)
adj.- Dude, Sko was straight schwilled last night.
v.- Who schwilled all my forty?
by sko42 January 21, 2006
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