drunk. stoned. under the influence. fucked up.

this is calans word, and if you steal it you die.
"im gettin' schwilly"

"lets get schwilly!"

"im schwillied"
by cally November 20, 2003
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Getting drunk and said drunk is usually all fired up and boisterious all the way up to cocky and feeling froggy. Sometimes getting Schwilly is used to describe to process of Schwilling on a bottle.
"Man I heard you got arrested the other night" "Yeah I got all fucking schwilly and swung on the bouncer" Or when a friend shows up with a bottle of booze and says " hey lets get schwilly"
by Belial 7809 December 28, 2008
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When your half past buzzed but not quite drunk.
When I stumbled over that boulder he excused me of being drunk but I told him I was just feeling schwilly.
by Kates January 10, 2005
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