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Schwerps verb (schwerpsed, schwerpsing). intrans (usually to schwerps someone) to behave in a playful sexual manner, to seduce, to make sexual advances. noun someone who schwerpses.
A: How are you getting on schwerpsing 'that bird'?
M: Not really tried yet
A: Dude! Get your schwerps on stat!
by TRMW October 02, 2009
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To dodge or avoid a sticky, unwanted or embarrassing situation, usually at the last second.

Regularly applied to managing to avert a meeting with or speaking to a person you have been trying to avoid.
"Oh my GOD! Guess who I saw in town last night?"
"Who? Not Richard?"
"Got it in one! Luckily it was only from the back so I managed to schwerps him easily".

"You lucky fucker, how did you manage to schwerps working late tonight?".
"I saw it coming from a mile off so I just hid in the toilet until everyone else volunteered."
by kylere February 25, 2012
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To wear two different shoes at the same time.
I schwerp by wearing one Adidas on my left foot and one Nike on the right foot.
by The Schwerper February 25, 2008
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