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Large, sasquatch like creature seen prowling the University of Minnesota campus in a bathrobe, playing disc golf. Can be attracted by cake, or calls of "what's the deal schmeal?"
by Pioneer February 20, 2005
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anything you want it to be, can be good or bad, (though usually bad). this word derrives from lauren and hogg!! schmear can also be used
can be used when shouting at people from the geography windows at school, or any window for that matter. e.g. "schmeal"
by laurenzo bennitti January 02, 2005
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slang, colloquial to certain circles in Allentown, PA

1. (v.) to network effectively - into the club, into her panties, or into some cheeba
2. (n.) any type of underhanded activity
3. (n.) a crafty plan
4. (n.) narcotics
1. "Yo that cat's been schmealin with that ho all night" or "I schmealed my way into the VIP room." or "I schmealed some free trees from my brother"

2. "Yo what dem cats schmealin about over there?"

3. "The schmeal had been put into effect."

4. "Care for some k-schmeals?"
by glendonius March 30, 2006
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(v.) In discretion, to smoke, likely an illegal substance which prompts such discretion.
Amber: "I'm bored, what do you want to do?"
Zack: "Well, I've got our old DVD of 'Dazed and Confused' -- you wanna schmeal and watch?"
Amber: "Hell yeah! You peal the gravity beal while I real a bleal! F*** whatcha heard we bout to SCHMEAL."
by Blaze[D] February 17, 2009
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Better looking than a snack sexier than a meal
Angelbeharryxx & mm_14xx snaps are a schmeal
by Don’t need to know April 05, 2019
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