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1.NYC Deli slang for the act coating a bagel with a small amount of cream cheese.
2. A small amount of any condiment applied to a food item.
3. A medical test for women from New York.
1. "Hey Marty a poppy seed with a schmear ." (NOTE:To use schmear authentically the customer usually mumbles while he waits just loud enough for other customers to hear something like: "Oy is so hot in here , I should be so rich to pay this electric bill. How does he make a living? Such a waste.")
2. Klutz...I said a schmear of mustard...not the whole jar."
2. I am so verklempt my doctor wants me to get another pap schmear. I should live that long!"
by Global Feetus April 03, 2007
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A word similar to shebang. It means, the whole thing.
She bought the computer, the printer, the whole schmear.
by Anastasia DeLuciano December 06, 2004
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A cocky and arrogant person who suprisingly has many friends who look past these faults
I can't believe that cocky Schmear won homecoming king!!
by settler69 February 20, 2008
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Noun: The crystalline residue that forms on the smooth plastic surface of a cellular telephone display by one’s ear during a call. If the display is not wiped off on one’s pant leg after each use, schmear will solidify into the characteristic hardened crystalline coating. Schmear will require the application of a solvent, sometimes saliva, to restore the normal appearance of the display. Also spelled Schm-Ear.
Dude, the schmear on my phone was so bad I had to lick it off to see who was calling.
by Mike G October 15, 2005
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Try singing, "99 bagels with schmear on the wall, 99 bagels with schmear..." to kill even the strongest bagel craving.
by jackalicious April 08, 2004
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the word for smearing turds on your wall
grant : schmear
Todd:*under mind control* okay then master *takes a big one on the floor*
by Sinclair02 March 04, 2019
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A strategy used in the card game Sheepshead, wherein a person will play a high point value card in a situation where his or her partner is likely to take the trick.
After my partner played the big black I threw the ace of diamonds out there as schmear.
by zozman June 19, 2006
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