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A little city with big city issues.
You can run but you can't hide, I know this.
Crime statistics Allentown, PA
In 2006, the known criminal offenses in Allentown, as reported to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, included around 800 violent crimes and over 7,000 property crimes. With the exception of aggravated assault, Allentown exceeded national averages in all criminal categories. Cases of arson in Allentown were nearly double the national average1. Other crimes in Allentown that substantially exceeded national averages were robbery, murder and forcible rape.

The total reported violent crimes in Allentown was comparable to the 2003 national average (1.01 times the average). Individual violent crime rates per capita compared to U.S. national averages were: robbery (1.54 times avg.), murder (1.47 times avg.), forcible rape (1.32 times avg.), and aggravated assault (0.57 times avg.).

The total reported property crimes in Allentown exceeded the 2003 national average by 1.21 times. Individual property crime rates per capita compared to the U.S. national average were: arson (1.71 times avg.), burglary (1.23 times avg.), larceny/theft (1.22 times avg.), and automobile theft (1.08 times avg.).

The city's crime statistics have been heightened over the past decade by growing gang-related crime and gang rival violence. The city also has seen a growth in drug trafficking and prostitution.

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by Crystalynn S. January 13, 2007
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This city is known to be ghetto because of it’s high crime rates, gangs, and β€œdiversity”.
Average dialog of someone living in Allentown, PA: 1m4 b0ut t0 fl1p sh1t, th1s n1gg4 r1ght h3r3 b3 g1v3n m3 l00ks. 1m b0ut t0 p0k3 th1s n1gg4 uhp.
by allentownresident February 27, 2009
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