That act of eating ass. Also known as rimming. Oral sex on a female with a large well shaped ass.
I'm going to take that girl with the nice ass home, I want to eat cake!
by Echo4Romeo May 1, 2020
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Come eat cake tonight at my apartment!!! There will be jungle juice and a gin bucket--bring your friends!
by kollege kid October 13, 2008
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1. Eating pussy
2. Eating out (sexually)
3. Eating a girl's stuff (cake)
4. To use your mouth to sexually stimulate a girl's vagina
Ex 1:
Kathy: Yeah, I sucked his dick and I was hoping he would return the favor but he doesn't eat cake!

Ex 2:
Bob: Kathy totally blew me last night.
Fred: No shit? Did you eat cake?
Bob: No! That shit's gross, dawg.
by pc15 December 8, 2008
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To do what you will.

That's literally all it means, in an "urban" manner. To indulge in any manner of (usually rebellious or hedonistic) activity is to 'eat cake'. Thank Marie Antoinette, or some reasonable facsimile which has been lost to history, although she meant literal cake, the phrase has gained meaning since the dipshit didn't leave a record of what she actually meant.
by Shameless Empire May 28, 2019
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A famous catch word added as a supplementary addition to birthday wishes often said and used by Anthony Nkwazi to add emphasis on what should be done to celebrate the occasion.
by Virtual2 March 19, 2013
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It's to show either that you don't care if people are in the shit, or how they get out of it.

It can also be used to show that you don’t understand much about people’s shitty situation.

Both meanings can be used together, to mean that you don’t understand much about their shitty situation, you don’t care to understand it, and you don’t care how they get out of it either.

Where this came from:

A French writer called Rousseau wrote that a great princess once said, more or less, that if you have no bread, there's always cake instead.

When she says "cake", don't think birthday cake. Think pastries and cakes that come in squares that you can slice, which a basically just sweet bread.

Think of a posh French princess in a carriage that's going through peasant land in order to get to the castle. They have to stop for a minute, so the peasants start to approach, carrying bread baskets. The princess asks what they want. She's told they need bread, because they don't have any. And this is where she says the line. But you can interpret it in several ways:

1. She's never seen poor people before, and she's ditzy:

"Well, what I would do is just have cake instead, so why don't they just do that?"

2. She's never seen poor people before, and she doesn't care (whilst applying makeup):

"Oh well. Can't they just have cake instead?"

3. She knows they are poor, and she's being a complete bitch, almost making a joke (staring out the window):

"Oh well, there's always cake."
The insurance companies will suffer? Good. Let them eat cake.

Profits are down? Well, err... Let them eat cake?
by ExpertContributor February 6, 2018
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