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No, you dont want his number.
No, you dont want him to get yours.
No, you dont wanna meet him nowhere.
No, you don't want none of his time. 🕙

No! You dont want no scrubs! A scrubis a guys that cant get no love from you! Hes in the passenger side of his bestfriends ride tryin to holla at u!
At a 90s party. I don't want no scrubs! A scrub.. You get thepoin
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by Can!plzbsubmited July 02, 2018
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A person, usually referred to while playing CoD, as being garbage at the game.

Also used when you can't think of any other words to discribe someone else but just a scrub.
Him: OMG i just got a Harrier
Them: STFU scrub that takes no skill
Him: Mommy they called me a scrub!
Them: ....
Random guy: SCRUB!
Him: =(
by Scrub killer April 08, 2011
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