noun: Any car exceeding the speed limit or driving recklessly, whose speed you match with your car while maintaining a reasonable distance behind them. The idea is that the Scape Goat will get caught in any speed trap up ahead, and you'll have time to react, slow down, and continue on your way. Doing this is called Scape Goating.
"That guy's going pretty fast... I'm going to let him get a little further ahead of me, and then I'll speed up and use him as a Scape Goat."
by Jace555 May 04, 2009
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Scapegoat is when: The Repubilcans can't fix a problem and blame it on non-christians (Iraq)

When parents are too lazy to raise their kids and blame videogames, rap music, etc. to hide the fact that they have poor parenting skills
Episode of Family: When people are protesting, Adam West uses his Political Diversions List. It reads: Outlaw Flag Burning, Use Escape Pod, Scapegoat the Jews, Suicide, Scapegoat the Blacks, Scapegoat the French, Scapegoat the Jews again (Call them New Yorkers), start a war, and Jingle Keys. He chooses "Jingle Keys
by Da Master K July 16, 2006
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A poor attempt by liberals to blame everyone else of their own mistakes, especially gangbangers who live off the system.
Hi, my name is Da MasterBate and me and my posse of scapegoaters is here at da social security office fo uz check.
by Chuck McDugen January 11, 2009
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Post-hardcore band based out of Charlotte, NC on Tragic Hero Records; consisting of Kit Walters (vocals), Dan Hits (drums), Justin Driscoll (guitar), Dan Royer (bass), and Spencer Bensch (guitar).

Members Justin Driscoll, Dan Royer, and Dan Hitselberger began playing together in 1998. They found vocalist Kit Walters in the summer of 1998. They entered the studio in 2000 to record their first tracks. In 2002, after a successful debut CD and the release of their sophomore effort Element of Design, Scapegoat's influence grew locally.

Currently, shows are played regularly at local venues in front of loyal fans. With a tour covering the Southeast United States, Scapegoat is ever-growing in popularity.

{Rock and/or Roll}


Scapegoat's song "After Class With Mrs. Brown" is their first single to have a video.
by Cynical_Date May 11, 2006
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Something whites have been for the past century
Whites have been used as a

scapegoat for the lack of success of non white populations
by Peniscommunist420 July 12, 2018
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"Luke Parker got off for that bump on Jarman Impey."

"Really? If that'd been Lindsay Thomas he'd have gone for a month. He's the definition of a scapegoat."
by Wayne Schimmelbusch June 05, 2018
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