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1.) When a person who is devouted on their religion, tries to press their beliefs on others hoping they will join the religion

2.) Hypocrits i.e. Republicans who walk around telling people their going to hell unless they become part of their religion (when they themselves are sinners)
Christian Man: knocks on door
Jewish Man: opens the door and says "hello?"

Christian Man: "Hi! i'm from the christian chruch down the street."

Jewish Man: "And?"

Christian Man: "I came here to tell you that your worshipping the wrong religion, Jesus was our messiah and we messengers of God think that you should convert or else when you die you'll go to hell where your worse nightmares will true and suffer extreme pain for all eternity...... won't you please join the gospel"?

Jewish Man: Slams door and locks it
by Da Master K July 03, 2006
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A crappy era where people only do anything for money. Presidents kill other countries for their things because they don't wanna share with them. Rappers constanly rap about money and women they don't really have and longer for the love of the game. Everything is big buisness and no longer for the fun of it.
Examples of 21st Century crap:
President Geogre W. Bush
50 Cent and Gunit
"The Cookout" and........."Soul Plane"
by Da Master K June 08, 2006
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A plastic figure that usually does an action (hence the name). Are usually owned by 10 year old boys who incest that they're NOT or HAVE anything in common with a doll and 40 year old virgin nerds with a capital N who collect them along with dolls and not allow any part of it to leave the case until it becomes of ulimate value.
Timmy Turner: For now on I sticking with Action Figures...... which are completely different from dolls
by Da Master K May 20, 2006
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Scapegoat is when: The Repubilcans can't fix a problem and blame it on non-christians (Iraq)

When parents are too lazy to raise their kids and blame videogames, rap music, etc. to hide the fact that they have poor parenting skills
Episode of Family: When people are protesting, Adam West uses his Political Diversions List. It reads: Outlaw Flag Burning, Use Escape Pod, Scapegoat the Jews, Suicide, Scapegoat the Blacks, Scapegoat the French, Scapegoat the Jews again (Call them New Yorkers), start a war, and Jingle Keys. He chooses "Jingle Keys
by Da Master K July 16, 2006
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A place that hundreds and thousands of parents and others claim that you can't live in the real world without going to, dispite the hundreds and thousands of music artist, movie stars and other celebrities who dropped out or never went at all. In addition, this day in age, people don't care about your IQ, everybody is only focus on looks and money, (which is why people like Paris Hilton are consider celebrities).
school= boring, dull, pointless, no point in existing
by Da Master K July 07, 2006
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Also known as "Reality Hip Hop", because these rappers don't stoop in the fictional world of unlimited women & money like other rappers. Instead they very poetic in their lyrics and have deep meaning about the hood, however their very few because of coporation & money.
Hardcore Hip Hop artist include:

Army of the Pharaohs
Big Daddy Kane
Big Pun
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Boogie Down Productions
Brotha Lynch Hung
Cypress Hill
Da Lench Mob
The Game (starting to get a big head)
Geto Boys
The Gravediggaz
Ice Cube
Jedi Mind Tricks
Jeru the Damaja
Kool G Rap
Lords of the Underground
Mack 10
MC Breed
Mobb Deep (until they signed with G-Unit)
Notorious B.I.G.
Niggaz With Attitude
Public Enemy
Slick Rick
Styles P
Tech N9ne
Three 6 Mafia
Too $hort (?)
Tupac Shakur
Wu-Tang Clan
by Da Master K June 04, 2006
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A new funny as hell show on mtv2, starring that dude from Saturday Night Live. A story about Buddy and Woof (a beagle dog and a bulldog) travel through Hollywood,California in search of a way to get to New Jersey and find Buddy's owner. On the way they poke fun at celeberties in very humorus satire.
Where My Dogs At? episode two: Buddy and Woof do the Movie Awards

Sway: Yo, this is Sway, coming to you live at the MTV awards with a very sopitscated-looking 50 Cent

50 Cent: Ha, Ha yeah well, Im not interested in being a superficial THUG, you know what i'm saying, that's why I got my videogame: Bulletproof, my movie about how I got shot 9 times is now now DVD, AND this 50 Cent collecters cup which is available at shizno sandwiches. Mention my name get 50 cents off, ya heard, ha ha
by Da Master K July 05, 2006
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