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Guys that come when you did something bad. So bad that the cops dont want to handle, or are on a donut break.
"yo, we aint eva gonna get outta thiscoke filled buildin, the swat team is comin!"
by Bobby December 13, 2003
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My Kupu has about 2.6 Gigahertz, how about your Kupu?
by Bobby October 27, 2003
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City of homeless, unemployed rednecks in northern Illinois. Rockford is like a little hick town except it is quite big, with all the problems of a big city!
I'm gonna go pick up some hookers and drugs in Rockford and then listen to Toby Keith.
by Bobby February 1, 2004
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Very Cool, Hansome Chap, Gets Most Of The Lady's
Coming From The Italian Word Mareno
by Bobby January 31, 2005
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1. Male speedo swimsuit. See bender. Banana hammock came about by the comparison and the long sexual induendo of the banana to the penis and because the speedo cradles the penis like a hammock would a banana. Hence ... Banana hammock.
Joe: This banana hammock's crushing my hardyboys. It's no mystery.
by Bobby May 26, 2004
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That hill billy from texas who belongs in a ranch NOT THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!

Took saddam out of a rat hole and now its time for you to climb in 1!!!!
I bet saddam and bush are having a tea party rite now!!!
by Bobby December 19, 2003
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