the task of escaping ology
holy crap, I only just managed to escape that ology. good job I'm good at escapology
by Joe Corkill April 2, 2007
Verb - When you attempt to atone for an indiscretion without using conventional methods such as buying a gift or simply saying, "I'm Sorry."
Example 1

Employee 1 - How are you still in good standing? The boss said, "You're practices at work have cost the company significant amounts of time and money." Did you apologize?

Employee 2 - No way, that's a one-way ticket to the gallows. I escapologized; I said, "Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will modify my practices in order to mitigate these losses," to which the boss replied, "That's all we ask. Now get back to work!

Example 2

Man 1 - You can't escapologize your way out of this one, my friend. I'm hurt by what you did to me?

Man 2 - I'll say this, I don't want to do it again. That's for sure.

Man 1 - Wow
by Scott B. Foresman May 31, 2019
1. Study of escapes
2. The process or act of escaping
by Samex March 10, 2020