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When a player in any game chooses (on purpose) to not play their best. Normally this is because they are too superior, they want to hustle you, or they are too lazy to play their best with nothing on the line.

Also see sandbagging (verb form)
Can we play again?

And this time please don't sandbag.
by valoem June 25, 2005
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The process of searching a building for an empty bathroom. A successful bowl search typically relieves the frustration of uncomftorably defecating around others, although in less frequent cases the desire to urinate alone is a factor. Bowl searching can be done anywhere although it is most prevelant on college campuses.
"In college I did a lot of bowl searching."

"Sam went to the bathroom like 20 minutes ago. Jeez, what's taking so long?"

"He's probably bowl searching."
by A bowl searcher June 06, 2011
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To put someone on the spot in front of a large crowd, often resulting in having the target's dignity drop like a sandbag.
Rebel: That is impossible, its diameter is smaller than 2 meters!
Luke: It is very easy, I shoot whomp rats back home and they are no bigger than 2 meters.
Rebel: Dude, why did you sand bag me back there?
by Franick August 19, 2007
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someone who slows you down either by their pure retardedness or by their unwillingness to cooperate.
Jason: Hey Joe! Quit being a sandbag and get your ass in the car before i come woop your ass!
by Auneeezy October 10, 2005
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The act of embarrassing someone by making them look foolish or stupid in front of a large group of people.

Usually it is unintentional or by accident. it can either be a dick move or the person is completely overreacting

first coined in the robot chicken star wars
BJ- (to a group of females) Yeah i'm the vocal coach for the band. I taught them everything they know.
Jay- no you're not dude, aren't you a janitor?
BJ- why did you have to sandbag me in front of those girls man? i was gonna get some!
Jay-what are you talking about? what does "sandbag" even mean? they were out of your league anyway
BJ- You're a total sandbagger man...
by T. Press January 22, 2010
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When you work in sales, you don't post your production till the next day or the following month when you're toward the end of the month, to get a head start on everyone else in your office.
Me: Sam, I got 4 deals sandbagged for next month, I'm gonna beat everyone next month.
Sam: sand-bagger, I'll still beat you in production.
Me: good luck trying to catch up to me dude.
by K aka chris October 30, 2010
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(verb) To screw around or work on other things while you are supposed to be completing a task or working on something.
Bob looked to be a promising hire with his Princeton degree and impressive summer internships. But when his boss checked his internet use log, it was obvious Bob had been sandbagging up a storm: posting daily from work on his "Notorious B.O.B. in da hizzouse" blog and spending an inordinate amount of time on
by Nicholas D November 21, 2007
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