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An all-purpose excuse that people use during a recession to justify doing things that are below their usual standard. Often these things in reality have little or nothing to do with the economic circumstances.
Harry: "You took your girlfriend to Applebee's on Valentine's Day? Pretty weak."
Larry: "Whatever man, I didn't have a choice. Bad economy."

Senator: "Mr. Paulson, you really want to give the greedy, soulless bankers who caused this mess $700 billion with no strings attached?"
Henry Paulson: "Hey guys, bad economy. Just do it."
Senator: "Good point. I vote yes."

Fred: "Dude, tell me you didn't go home with that broke down 300-pound whale I saw you with at O'Shea's last night."
Brendan: "Dude, it's a bad economy. I'll take what I can get."
Fred: "Yeah, I guess you have to."
by Nicholas D March 15, 2009

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An adverb meaning something happened to a great extent. If somebody (verb)ed the shit out of (object), it means that person REALLY (verb)ed that (object) hardcore.
The Tampa Bay Devil Rays beat the shit out of the New York Yankees last night. The score was 15-2!

Rachael Ray really baked the shit out of that pie. That motherfucker was tasty as hell!

Haley Joel Osment really saw the shit out of those dead people in "The Sixth Sense."

Rosie O'Donnell devoured the shit out of that two-pound burger, then proceeded to wolf down an entire cheesecake.
by Nicholas D December 01, 2007

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A condition resulting from seeing the total price of a bunch of items and realizing the damage is much greater than you originally expected. May cause a person to have second thoughts about the purchase.
I wanted to book your mom for 7 days of her "services," but when I realized the total came to $21, I got major sticker shock and decided to bail out.
by Nicholas D June 14, 2006

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A catch phrase popularized by the video "My New Haircut." Said when someone is on a roll or in a state of extreme focus and does not wish to be interrupted by someone that he/she deems unimportant and irrelevant.
From "My New Haircut":
Guy at desk: "Sir, you have to sign in."
Guido: "Not now chief, I'm in the fucking zone."

Kindergarten Teacher: "Who wants to read the next couple pages of 'The Cat in the Hat?'. Let's see...Jimmy, how about you?"
Jimmy: "Not now chief, I'm in the fucking zone."
by Nicholas D January 19, 2008

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1) To lose intensity or dwindle in strength.
2) An exposed penis (peter).
Matt: "I bet I can streak through downtown with my peter out for two hours without getting arrested."
Frank: "I doubt it. After running for a half hour or so, you'll probably peter out and then the cops will catch you."
by Nicholas D March 09, 2009

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To reevaluate your actions after realizing that your current course of action is likely to lead you into a troublesome situation. From Ice Cube's song "Check Yo Self."
See also: check yo self before you wreck yo self
Phineas: "The derivative of the hyperbolic arctangent of x is one over the quantity one minus x squared. Booyah, who's the man!"
Isaac: "Whatever. Your math skills are mediocre at best. I bet you couldn't even prove the Pythagorean theorem with a compass and a straightedge."
Phineas: "I believe those are fighting words. Let's take this outside. I'm going to slap you silly with my pocket protector!"
Isaac: "I suggest you check yo self before you wreck yo self. I've got three of my chess club buddies backing me up and one of them takes taekwondo!"
by Nicholas D February 18, 2009

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An exclamation that means that one believes the previous speaker's statement to be untrue. Synonyms include my ass, bullshit, horse shit, yeah right, get out of here, and "if I do say, my dear chap, I find your previous statement to be rather hard to believe."
Dad: "Young lady, it's 2 in the morning! Where have you been?"
Daughter: "Um, I was just over at Rick's house."
Dad: "My foot! What were you really doing?"
Daughter: "I was at his house for the big keg party. His parents were out of town."
Dad: "My foot!"
Daughter: "So we had a kegstand contest and I won! 53 seconds! Then to celebrate I took 4 or 5 vodka shots."
Dad: "My foot!"
Daughter: "Then I got in the bathroom and the guys lined up outside, and you know how that goes... then the Hell's Angels showed up, then about half of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team... my jaw is so tired."
Dad: "My foot!"
Daughter: "Wow Dad those are some nice new shoes, they would look really good on - "
Dad: "My foot!"
Daughter: "Yeah. Well anyway Steve was nice enough to stay sober and drive me home."
Dad: "Now that I believe, but the rest of your story was BULLSHIT! You were really at the library, weren't you?"
Daughter: "Yes, I was. I was studying for my history test on Monday."
Dad: "I am so disappointed in you! Go to your room!"
by Nicholas D September 05, 2006

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