The king of all kings; someone who knows whats what. Can also be someone who gets all the girls by just winking at them; player.
Man, look at that samir. I wish i could be like him.
by cooleoguy12 December 3, 2007
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a nim(unbelievably cute) guy with beautiful eyes, a gf who is utterly in love with him and responds to the name saqmir ;
has his flaws yet still astonishingly wow! he's hench and knows it and is not afraid to say what is on his mind which is very helpful at times. pretty shy and sensitive but thats what makes samir a prince! <3
am i coming with you to see samir?
no way! im independent enough to see my bf!
by shlikum pikum! December 4, 2011
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A nice and kind person who is a good friend that has your back and will never leave u behind and when you get to know them they are a great boyfriend and have a bbc
Samir is a nice and kind person
by zyqro November 21, 2021
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The captain of the S.S. Rzeznik. He likes different shades of red and can easily lead his crew to victory. He is a space pirate who knows how to get all the "booty." He's an awesome person.
Oh my gosh! It's Captain Samir! Everyone be on your best behavior!
by latenightcraving November 5, 2010
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It means to finish very early, really ahead of time, a huge task. Can be used a verb, noun, or adjective.
1) Aboujouj: You have 4 months left before your thesis deadline. But it usually requires 1 or 2 years to write a thesis and you haven't started yet!

Harakat: Don't worry, I will samir it!

2) Kassatly: I have 3 finals for tomorrow, but I haven't even finished studying for the first one.

Soto: I think you should follow the samir technique tonight. You will be done on time.
by aboujouj June 6, 2009
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(n)To kill one after they have fought another player in Halo and their shields are down.

Also means to admit to being a fire hazard
Dude, stop being a samir, that's the fifth time you've samired me!
by wonkfa November 14, 2007
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(n) the act of being in a constant, never-ending fight with one's boyfriend/girlfriend

(v) to be verbally assaulted by one's significant other for countless hours at a time, separated by small moments of uneasy peace
A: yo man u won't believe what happened
B: what
A: iv been fighting with my girl for the last 4 hours on the phone
B: wow.. u jus got samired
by UofAlaska February 8, 2010
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