A man who is utterly in denial of his homosexuality(in the closet) despite the fact that he is clearly gay to the objective observer(flaming).
Hey Mike, Jessica's fire hazard of a husband was checking out your ass again.
by Arman Java April 28, 2006
Someone who, intentionally or unintentionally, has a tendency to block exits and/or pathways.
Sam is such a fire hazard.
by yourcomradesnow May 17, 2021
An antisocial, depressed, mentally unstable teenager who spends his freetime playing popular Steam game "Garry's Mod", and managing a roleplay server. He is obsessed and fantasizes about large penis' as he has a micro dong.
"Yo, Chad, did you hear about Steven cutting his wrists and being salty?"
"Nah, nothing new though, he's a real Fire Hazard."
by snapchatstreaks October 15, 2017
A woman who says no to anal sex. So-called because when the back door is closed, a building has only one entrance.
Jay: Weren't you dating Jen?
Yeah, it turns out she's a fire hazard. She jus wouldn't let me hit the booty hole.
by alfalfa31 January 4, 2017
A Red Head, Ginger, a person with flaming hair
Johnny: Oh my god i almost pulled the fire alarm i thought i saw a real fire hazard but it was just Ryan

Ryan: :'( stop making fun of my hair
by wport10 September 4, 2008
a person who is always in the way and is stupid enough to piss off wrong people
jesus this person is such a freakin fire hazard

Eric Taylor
by Iroh December 16, 2008