A pirate in space. Duh...

Basically the coolest profession EVER. They fight aliens, space ninjas, space dragons and other space pirates. Must be sufficiently violent and awesome looking not to mention a space ship with a bad ass name like "Tyrant's Fist" or "Blazing Glory".
Captain Zand looked lustfully at the beautiful woman bound captive on top the piles of treasure, then his steely gaze shifted to the mutated zombie horde bewteen them. He looked back at her once more and gave her a roguish grin before launching himself forward, laser sword and blaster at the ready. This was what being a space pirate was all about...
by DazedDingo June 21, 2006
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Children's show in the UK, made famous by Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles. Has incredibly catchy theme song.
Person 1: "Hey, have you heard of Space Pirates?"
by Jaaames January 10, 2008
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A race of war-like sentiants in the Metroid games. These creatures are insect like in appearance and about 8 feel tall. They have claw like hands/rifles and sonetimes energy scythes. Some of them can render themselves invisable and they are known to experiment on their own kind to create biological weapons. They have set up base on a number of planets, most notably planet Zebes, Planet Tallon IV, and planet Aether. Their main objectives include destrying Samus, breeding metroids as a weapon, and harnessing the power of the mutagent phazon. They are responsible for orphaning samus when they raided her space colony K2-L when she was a child.
Space pirates are really fraking cool looking, but are sometimes a bitch and a half to kill.
by Jim October 2, 2005
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Normal pirates, but in space. And sail the 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 something number of nebulae instead of the 7 seas. They probably also raid other spaceships.
by gnarly sasquatch May 21, 2005
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A kind of lego that is designed to be used in only a single way. The pieces are not multi-purpose and are hostile to uses other than for the kit that they were designed for. Original "brick" lego did not have this property.
That Ford Volt headlight fits only a single model year: it's a total space pirate lego fitting.
by MurrayCurlyHair May 27, 2020
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The deadliest being in the universe. Its complex brain-eating, ninja star throwing, universe traveling, Arg-saying, robotic wrangling skills are unstoppable... Plus, its super. It's like a fusion of Chuck Norris + Goku super saiyen 3 + Domo + Dracula + The Hulk + Fergie. Sometimes abbreviated as SZNSPRCV.
Person 1: "HOLY SHIT!"

Person 2: "WHAT?!"

Person 1: "I thought I just saw a Super zombie ninja space pirate robo-cowboy vamp!!!

Person 2: "RUNNN!!!!!"
by DriftingNick April 6, 2010
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