Steve was a bigot, and when atall black man and tiny white woman passed, holding hands, he frowned and muttered "salt and pepper."
by Rod Brock July 26, 2006
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When a woman is giving fellatio and is turning her hands in a reverse-rotating while stroking up and down. This term was coined in Brooklyn, NY and is commonly used among the community.
yo Jenn gave me the salt and pepper last nite, that shit was crazy.
by bk pepper December 23, 2009
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when a woman allows her enormous boobs to hang out so much that it looks trashy and slutty
(Sitting in a diner, talking casually, one of the gentlemen looks over yonder and nods his head in dissapointment.)
David: Mike, what are you shaking your head at?
Mike: David, I always feel so deppressed when a woman has salt and pepper.
William Sledd (aka the coolest gay man ever):Oh I know, me too Mike, that woman should never let them hang out that far.
by The Bombdiggietest December 16, 2006
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When a white man and a black man get together in the same room, they play with each others penis's at the same time
Hey man wanna play salt and pepper
by Salt and pepper April 6, 2017
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dissed, powned.
worst than salty. humiliated.
carlos: i love me new haircut!
billy: really? looks like a chewbacca died on your head!

by Chillz May 29, 2008
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You are having sex with a girl and she is on top. She is having stomach pains and during sex proceeds to shit diahrrea on you while having an orgasm.
Dustin: Yeah baby, just like that.
Francine: Ooohhhh, oops.
Dustin: Oops? Aww sick.
Francine: Sorry I had Mexican.
Dustin: I guess you Salt and Peppered on me.
by Chad Ross December 11, 2008
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