the combination of the words 'at' and 'all'.
to be said with a british accent.
now that's no fun atall
by lizziepants January 16, 2008
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A Nigga that is too bad ass to even describe. Keep in mind this definition will be the bare minimum to his AWESOMENESS. He is skilled in every craft. Some may even call him a god. He is most skilled in sports. He is unmatched for anyone that gets in his way. His dick is un-measurably Huge. This nigga can do the impossible. Women loose their virginity/ squirt when they see him.
by ArandomNigg October 24, 2017
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Acronym for the American Indie Band, "As Tall As Lions"
"Have You heard that song Ghost of York?"

"Nah, broski, who's it by?"



"As Tall As Lions, Silly!"
by softerthanbefore February 21, 2010
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Yes he is an atal..
by FeelMyStyle36 September 16, 2018
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a girl with a big head & no butt.
Man look at that white girl over there. Yea shes an atall shes got a head like a basketball and no ass atall(at all).
by Nick(big boi)Barrett July 19, 2006
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dumb whore

an atale is a stupid person that does stupid things, not for attention, but simply because they're clueless and dangerous
Person one: I think I'm gonna train a circus lion
Person two: Dude, don't be an atale
Person one: What's the worst that can happen?
*next day*
News anchor: This just in, man eaten by lion
by clownwhore90 May 30, 2020
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Usually used as the definitive end of a typed statement, particularly when talking negatively about the content of that statement and where punctuation and grammar are questionable.

Popularised by first use on the OWLSTALK web forum and SteveZone websites.

Note, 'at all' must be written as one, e.g. 'atall' and 'said' remains seperate from 'atall'.
"I not do blumpkin atall said"
"you not see wwe babes and join stevezone atall said"
"I banned all spammers and swears atall said"
"you eat your own mugs and eyeballs smell of chicken atall said"
by deejayone July 17, 2009
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