Someone who is a sweet loving, kind girl and does everything and anything for her friends
by TheDeffinition September 21, 2017
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Francine is a very old name that originates from France but is a latin word, it means beautiful flower. Usually Francine's are very pretty brunettes, with an average height and gorgeous intense eyes that speaks volumes of how they feel. They are beautiful but have a kind of awkwardness about them and an easy going nature that makes them approachable. The Francine's complains a lot but they do it in such a way that it's dramatic and funny. They make great friend and never let off their friendships but end up losing friends due their frank sometimes thoughtless remarks.
me: Hey, check out that classy babe,
freind: forget it, you have no chance with her
me: (after seeing her trip a couple of time) Oh yes, I think I do

Friend: yeah, if she keeps tripping like that definetey have a shot but don't Francine too hard!!
by Tomjkon February 5, 2010
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Someone that is amazing beyond all comparison. They are typically one of the best friends that you could ask for, always providing help in some way. The term probably originates from somewhere within the northern regions of Earth, but nobody is sure about it's first use.
Person 1: ...and then we ended up splitting.
Person 2: Aw, I'm sorry, man!
Person 1: You're such a Francine.
Person 2: Okay?
Person 1: I *like* it.
by It all adds up May 20, 2009
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Hot on the outside, beautiful on the inside. A real gem. She catches every guy's eye with her exotic beauty. She is hard to get, on a rare occasion she falls for you, you better treat her like a princess!

She's sweet, thoughtful, loving and cares deeply for her friends!

She's one of a kind!
Adam : "I can't get her off my mind." "
Nathaniel :" You must be talking about Francine."
by OhICantStopThinkingOfFrancine November 22, 2021
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Francine is a great girl that is very nice but can also be very mean, she usaually has a big family that she loves but doesn’t show it, Francine is a caring person a great friend and person that defend herself and or other people
Guy 1:hey Francine watcha up to
Guy 2: ya what are u up to tryna get guys that don’t like you
Francine: hi umm actually I’m dating a guy that likes me so why don’t you stop worrying about my love life and start worrying about yours because your “boyfriend “ is cheating on you, your welcome
by Stop lying to me November 26, 2018
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I miss you francine balik ka na sorry sa lahat ng mga nagawa ko i love you
Wow, she's very beautiful, she must be a francine!.
by T atsuya February 23, 2022
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She rocks every hairstyle she has. She loves watching movies and occasionally play games. Typically quiet, but cherishes her friends a lot. Has music taste that gives people LSD. She wants a sugar daddy. She can never lose to a specific person in her life.
Francine: I ha*e you, Vic
by HOE SAY AHHHH November 25, 2021
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