The act of not being happy "

&/or not understanding whats going on in life.

-or maybe just feeling shitty.
Mike: Oh hey billy whats up man? :D

by xxxxxxxxxxxxcoolperson July 5, 2008
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To be depressed because you've never slept with Johnny Depp
I am so deppressed today.
by IDK my BFF Jill September 22, 2007
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How a fangirl feels after watching a Johnny Depp movie, because he doesn't know she exists.
I was so Deppressed after watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Why can't Jack be my pirate?
by 123bree November 2, 2010
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"Hey Ben, you are acting weird lately "

Yeah... My girl left me and I have no friends. I guess I am going through some server deppression
by XFiwers March 22, 2018
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1. a. The act of deppressing. b. The condition of being deppressed.

2. The condition of feeling sad or despondent due to lack of Johnny Depp.

4. Psychology: An unofficial psychiatric disorder characterized by feelings of helplessness and sadness occuring after withdrawal from Johnny Depp.
"I haven't seen Sleepy Hollow in ages. I feel quite deppressed."
by Rulinian March 1, 2005
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Every middle school girl says there depressed. This is not true deppression normally occurs when a males penis is small and a girl says something about it.
Middle school girl: omg Becky im so fucking depressed. Kill me now bitch.
Edgy kid: pull the trigger bitch
Deppression is all of the above
by KneeGrowFagoot March 31, 2020
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