a hovel in the northern suburbs. its the south aussie equivalent of a ghetto. ugh.
im 13, pregnant with my 3rd kid 2 a different father, and have an dope plant growing in my backyard. i must be from salisbury
by chickybabe January 29, 2006
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A town in massachusetts where the people are all gangster wannabes, goths, or know it all preps.
by lmao1232321 October 14, 2009
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A suburb of Adelaide. Considered absolutely terrible by people outside of it, but it really isn't as bad as they make it out to be. Look at it this way, we're better than Elizabeth!
"Haha, those fuckers must come from Salisbury!"
"Dude, Salisbury's too good for them."
"Oh, yeah. I was thinking of Elizabeth."
by Stealthy (Hayden) February 21, 2012
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City on the located on the outskirts of nowhere. Imagine Hell now add lots of clay and a state transportation museum and you have it. North Carolina's best football team can be located on its outskirts in Mt. Ulla.
Person: "I'm From Salisbury."
Man Next to Him: "I feel for you."
by The True Odin March 05, 2009
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A small village located in New Brunswick, Canada. This township is known for a high number of extraordinarily tough men, able to withstand extreme weather and perform feats of great strength.
Wow, that dude is so tough he must be from Salisbury!
by J.M. Armstrong June 10, 2008
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Okayed be honest this is a south town of middle class privileges but there are many council benefiting chavs. If you are lucky you may get through a day outside only seeing one chav however there are many pubescent wannabe chavs killing their lungs. There are 7 main schools, Swgs (get gay or get nonced on), Bws (act hard like chavs with their tiny willys), WSE (2nd worst place to go due to their burning lungs and obsolete brains), St Joes (lets be honest no one really knows who they are but they are “tryhards ”), Sarum Academy (“sports academy” but always gets trampled on by Swgs and Bws + worst areas to go to school), Trafalgar and Burgate ( both are too irrelevant to have their own Definition) and that’s it your daily does of pubescent kids. On a good day you may only see a few WSE in town acting like inbreds due to their lack of public decency. I can’t believe I forgot the private schools, no one really talks to them.
John GlennGuess what Salisbury is the best town to live in”
Novichok “I guess my plan didn’t work”
by AnonymousNovix October 27, 2019
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loser, lowlife, reject, who lives with his mom.
Jim is such a salisbury he that he burried himself alive and said thats it i give up
by ikan dour mam June 04, 2009
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