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What Corbyn Besson from Why Don't We wants to change his name to. The boys totally agree as it is a reasonably trendy name.
Jonah: Yo wassup Chev!

Corbyn: It's pronounced Bweghoh Vweghoh Vweghoh Vueghaugh. It is SPELT C,H,E,V.
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by seaveysaniel June 28, 2018
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(plural Chevi; from the French word Chevalier, meaning Knight or "mounted soldier")Β 

1 Two dots in a row that signifies a well-thought out or important statement with the intent of being seen by a large number of people, usually on the internet..

2 In text messaging, the two dots denote a statement that expects a response..
Example 1 using a Chev:
"Not a lot of brains, but that Artichoke had heart.."

Example 2 using a Chev:
"I couldn't stop laughing at that terrible joke, haha.."
Β  Β  response:
"Thanks :) It just came to me."
by jonnubroth October 29, 2011
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chev is an adjective meaning: cool, awesome, nice, sweet, etc. it means the noun is amazingly kick-ass. derived from chevrolet's chevelle.
damn that shit is chev!
chev, man, chev!
by OSAMA B. April 30, 2005
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meaning marijuana cigarrette, orginates from the word that results from typing "bift" into a nokia phone on predictive text.
fancy a chev?

i could really do with a chev!
by michael mcdonald April 26, 2005
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