A small city in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, located in the south-east quarter.
Dan: Hey, man! Wanna go to Moncton today?
Dan's friend: Sure a bit far though, you pay half the gas.
Dan: Fuck you! But fine
by Interdan August 31, 2008
This chicken is so Moncton!
by chasbeard September 10, 2015
Receive a handjob while driving through Moncton, and that's it. Because nobody wants to stop there.
Blair gave me a Moncton shuffle while driving through Moncton because fuck stopping in that shithole of a city.
by Watchoutfor12 July 24, 2017
An obscure sexual move in which the male grates processed cheese directly into a females vagina, and when the cheese begins to melt, the penis is inserted, and then jamed into the females mouth, or another person. Not to be confused with the Fredericton Fondue
I paid the whore 12$ and an oreo to let me do a Moncton Mocha-chino. So worth it.
by Sir Scoats April 6, 2011
place. Standing in the stagnant tawny waters of the Petitcodiak River, the most tidally-boring stream in the world, Moncton serves both as a bedroom annex for vibrant Shediac and as a diverticulum for the number two flowing from Halifax to Quebec. Briefly controlled by a pastoralist francophone population who wrested control of the terrain from its hunter-gatherer inhabitants who neglected to have their deed countersigned by Henry IV of France or the Pope, Moncton was, by 1713 solidly in the hands of British industrialists and a smattering of displaced fruit farmers longing to star in Longfellow poems.

Currently Moncton is home to many, many nature parks, a dearth of good Albanian eateries, and a world-class quarry which provides the marble bases for every Anne of Green Gables statuette sold in eastern PEI.

Two hospitals, when they aren’t feuding about who has the prettiest nurses, provide a host of services to Monctonites of all stripes including the Mi’kmaq who somehow were overlooked when the Europeans divied up the better land parcels and consequently spent 500 years standing out in the figurative blizzards getting literally frozen to death.

Speaking an odd joual, giving regional blocks to already sleeping orthopaedic patients, and preparing to move to Alberta are currently the most popular activities in Moncton but, with the completion of the new cannery on Butbutandan Street, stuffing unrecognizable bits of lobster into tins will soon put Moncton on the map.
What’s the difference between being a Moncton lobster trapper who works three months a year and a hobo?

120,000 dollars a year.

Canadian dollars?

Our, mais le taux de change est tres favorable.
by gnostic3 June 19, 2021