"Eastern Shore"
The eastern part of Maryland across the bay from Baltimore. Starts from Cecil county down to Ocean City. A place of many rednecks and southern folk who all love 2 things and 2 things only, old bay and crabs. Winter is rainy and cold from November to March or maybe April? Summers are long with lots boats on the water tractors in the fields and Pennsylvanians, Jersians, and New yorkers coming to vacation in the hot and humid weather. Rebel and American flags are commonly seen outside or even inside homes as well as some kind of off-road vehicle or boat in the garage or barn adjecant to the residence.
"Have you ever been to the Eastern Shore?" "
Yep! I got fat on crabs for a week straight!"
by shoremafia January 31, 2016
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unknown to anyone who doesn't live in virginia.
Guy from New York: Where is the eastern shore of virginia?
Guy from California: I dunno, somewhere in Florida?
by HotWings December 06, 2005
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The Eastern Shore of Virginia is defined as a place by which everyone is welcome, especially if you offer a cold beer. Warm nights, beach bonfires, and surfing are what keep this place "home sweet home" for all who grew up there. The smell of salt water in the air and having not only the ocean but the bay as well truly makes this an easterners paradise.
Eastern Shore of Virginia is the Baja Peninsula of the East Coast
by esvaeditor December 04, 2005
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A hairstyle popularly fashioned by residents of the Eastern Shore of Hobart, Tasmania. Famous wearers include the Liberal Member for Pembroke.
"Why Vanessa, your Eastern Shore mullet looks particularly ravishing today"
"Thank you Tony, it look a lot of blow drying"
by georgehean September 23, 2013
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Known by some as "bumblefuck" or "the Vortex," it's a place where most people who are born there want to get the hell out but just can't, and everyone else thinks it's the most fun place in the world (which would explain why real estate values keep doubling). They wrote the book on the fisherman's way of life, so don't try to trash-talk pick-up trucks, sailing, crabbing, or just sitting in a little rowboat with a cooler full of worms and beer. However, the area's quaint feel and natural, insular background are the perfect conditions for the influx of culture going on at the moment; this is the island the wedding party went back to in Wedding Crashers-- politicians love the area especially in Talbot County, where there are a lot of republican sympathies (as opposed to the western shore) but also a fair few music producers stay to chill out and enjoy a very low-maintenance lifestyle. Only warnings: don't get too violent if someone "pipes" you, there is a disproportionate number of old people, and cops hate teenagers, who can sometimes get arrested for things like loitering and underage posession of cigarettes. Solution: boat parties. Disclaimer: avoid Cambridge at all costs, unless you feel like investing in condoms to wear as gloves. You'll need them.
We're headed to Maryland's Eastern Shore-- yeah, there's gonna be a crab-picking festival, the governor and Dave Matthews are gonna be there.
by fivealarm November 12, 2006
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The "Cape Cod of the South," the Eastern Shore consists of several historic counties along the Chesapeake Bay that offer a variety of cultural, recreational and relaxing opportunities. Property investors predict it will become the new Nantucket within the decade.
Person 1: So where are you spending your summer?
Person 2: Our new house on Maryland's Eastern Shore...Nantucket is so last year.
by BB29 August 04, 2006
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