The peninsula of land in between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean that contains three states: Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Also called "The Eastern Shore."
"It's a beautiful day on Delmarva!"

"Let's go to one of the beaches on Delmarva."

by Annee April 27, 2006
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Referring to a region of the female anatomy that is typically censored on network television.
"Hey, you guys got any delmarva on delmarva action."

"I bet her delmarva is delmarvalous!"
by crabbybluedevil May 21, 2008
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The Delmarva Peninsula, just called DelMarVa to most, is an area of the mid-atlantic region consisting of the lower two-thirds of DELaware, the Eastern shore of MARyland, and um, that strip of land from VirginiA. surrounded by the chesapeake bay and the delaware bay on three sides. major 'cities' include dover, salisbury, and Ocean City. the beaches are less crowded than in VA Beach, but the area has fallen victim to urban sprawl and somewhat bad traffic during the summer and back to school sales with the no-tax shopping in Delaware, or whenever the races come to town, or whenever the National Punkin Chunkin' takes place (don't ask). it's kinda hard to notice unless you look at a map and see how part of Maryland and Delaware and Virginia stick out from the rest of the surrounding states. delmarva is a cool little region that the natives tend to appreciate.
some guy: oh god, this heavily muscled middle aged guy has been stalking me all the way from laurel!
some other guy: chill dude, thats the governor mrs. ruth ann minner trying to give you a handshake. go to Ocean City and she'll run away.
by Devin Ze Dude June 05, 2005
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after the process of picking steamed maryland blue crabs with lots of old bay, you then proceed to just finger bang the bitch that is sitting next to without washing off the old bay crusties and stench.
Damn I delmarva stingker'd a ho last night and she burned with the passion of old bay.
by Sean P. MC + Kevin B. July 17, 2003
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