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If you go down in the winter, you can do absolutely anything. You could probably murder someone, and nothing would happen. You could torch the city to the ground, and no one would notice till the frat assholes come down in the summer.
"Broseph I'm goin to Ocean City in the summer!"

"Nah don't bother. Some asshole went down in the winter and blew up everything Brah"
by shcoome March 24, 2010
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A vacation spot in MD, with everything you look for in a summer vacation. Though expensive, you must visit a few times in your life.
Ocean City is the place to be on the 4th of July.
by Kenny December 07, 2004
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Ocean City, Maryland...the best and only place to be in the summer. A great place to make fun of the tourons(tourist/morons) who don't know where to find the really good seafood. Where my favorite reastaraunt Hoopers is located and my boy Spike...don't forget Tequila Mockingbird and of course the boardwalk. OC MD is the REAL OC i don't care what anyone says
by therealstacey May 03, 2005
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where everyone in all of maryland goes on weekends from may-september. they round up all a shit load of nati bohs beer, 20 cartons of malboro reds and hop into the car. then they sit in traffic on the damn bay bridge for a few hours. once they finally get there, they live it up like no one else.
girl: hey you and your boys heading to ocean city this weekend?
boy: hell yea, you goin' with your girls?
girl: what the fuck else would we do. you bring the beer?
boy: yeah, if you bring the sex and the cigarettes.
girl: sounds good.
by hocoLUV May 21, 2005
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Vacation town in Maryland. White Boy capitol of the world during the summer. Don't go in season, from Memorial Day through Labor Day cuz everything---and I mean everything---will cost you an arm and a leg. Swells to almost a half a million during summer.
Ocean City is practically a ghost town during winter.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
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A town located on Maryland's eastern shore, where in the summer all of the drug dealer assholes come down from b-more (slang for Baltimore) and all of the western shore. But, in the winter you could kill someone in the middle of Costal Highway, which is the main road running through Ocean City, Fenwick Island, South Bethany, Bethany Beach, Dewey Beach (Dewey), Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and other towns I can't remember. You can also call 911 in the middle of January and a cop will show up in late May. Also most of the hotels and motels are closed because it's like fucking 50 degrees in the winter. And in the summer you have to deal with all of the tourons (tourist and moron put together) that enjoy tho create bar fights and car accidents that back up costal highway for 25 miles
Western shore person- can't wait to go to ocean city this summer!
by Akalakakumar November 06, 2013
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The REAL O.C. where everything thing happens and anything can happen! OCEAN CITY MARYLAND (not ORANGE COUNTY)!
In this wonderful town of OC, MD there are plenty of things to DO. I mean there is the beach, the water park, and go carts and all of the slutie girls (especially the ones in the summer when all the TOURONS come down! (Tourist and moron put together Local thing to say)! Most parties get busted by OCPD or Berlin Cops. Then the cops take your weed or any drugs and stick it in their pockets for them to have their fun with! Most OC kids are drugies! But that’s ok b/c it’s the city, right? You'll find a drug dealer on every corner of the town, and it's not unusual to find kids driving around and smoking a bowl. Drunken is how what we all are! We hang out at hotel rooms and random peoples houses and steal our parent’s alcohol. At age 16 you work your ass off to have your car which u then crissen by hot-boxing it. Our private school-ers are way more corrupt than the public school-ers and we live for sports against Bennett and WorPrep! So next time you hear "Ocean City is so boring," just look past the historical monuments (Stephen Decatur) and focus on the pregnant 16 year high off weed (and thank god that’s not you!). Don’t forget we’re not all whores and were not all preppy bitches! Most of us come from VA or B-More and don’t forget we are the normal ones who try to help the Eastern Shore-ers. So next time you think about the OC don’t think of Orange County or The O.C Show b/c the real life is here in Ocean City, Maryland where kids actually work and don’t always ask their parents for money (whether your rich or not). There is plenty to do even if it is a pregnant slut or a hard working 16 year old girl (Who u thought was 18).
REMEMBER: OC is everything you look for in a summer vacation!
The O.C.?! Like the show? -No like Ocean City!

Yo! You got any yayo?! Drug dealer term

"Ya'll!!!" You would think OC-ers were hicks but were not!
by KaK March 03, 2005
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