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A tourist trap city in the south of england wiltshire, with a massive leutering youth proble, more secondary schools than there are shops and a new look that will always be remebered as woolworths to the people who live there. It has a social system complicated enough to fool the CIA, consisting of packs of quite simply bored teenagers roaming the streets and gardens of the area every saturday.

It is famous for its cathedral and its location near to old sarum and stone henge. In fact, at its bus station can often be seen hippies returning from pagon festivals. not to mension flocks of angry school kids and stoners who have been out all hours trying to return home.
i live in salisbry
are you going to town (meaning are you going to salisbury)
by she wears a bow February 27, 2011
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A town in Wiltshire where everyone is a fucking chav. It is home of South Wilts School for Girls (the lesbian grammar school) and WSE (the roadman school). If you attend either of these schools.....YOU'RE A NONCE. Salisury also has a maccies where roadmen, chavs, gypsys AND grammar school kids are often found on the loose.

There are other schools such as St Joes where you have fat asians and skinny gingers. Theres Bishops Wordsworth Grammar as well which is just privileged sex offenders. If you are lucky you may find a depressed South Wilts girl walking around the close because they have been nonced up by another teacher. Sometimes you may spot a shit ton of year 7s and 8s in lizzies high of poundland sweets.
Person 1: Salisbury? You live in Salisbuy? Fuck sake whos pregnant now???
by getsheft6789 August 08, 2019
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A small Sub-Urban, generally white, middle-class, beach town. Located in Northern Massachusetts. This small quiet community however has 2 or 3 stop lights total. Also for some strange unknown reason 98% of all Salisbury youth, honestly believe that they live in a rough, drugged out "ghetto" with multiple gangs, and an extreme crime rate. Unfortunately these "Salisbury Wiggers" make up 1/3 of the student population at Triton High School, which is located in Byfield Massachusetts. Making it IMPOSSIBLE to walk in the hallway without hearing the voices of extremely white and average kids "AYO KID YOU GUDDA CIGG?" or "YO IMMA BANG YOU OUT KID IN DA BEEF" Or another common one is "KIDD YOU TALKIN MAD SHIT KID?!?!"

Salisbury kids usually tend to dress in :
Ecko/ G-Unit Jeans
Some sort of Flat-Brimmed-Hat
A basketball Jersey, usually 27 Sizes too big
Basketball shoes, usually Air Jordan
Large Silver/ Large Gold Jewelery
And to top it all off. a Stenciled Hair cut or "Line-Up"

Salisbury in general is a very very unfortunate white, middle class, sub-urban, beach town.
The town of Salisbury Massachusetts NEEDS to have the select few about 2% of "GOOD" people, removed, while the entire town of Salisbury is completely bombed, and re-built, for a new fresh start for the world.
by 319KillazIIIGHT May 07, 2010
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Salisbury is a small village on the outskirts of Moncton , New Brunswick .

Salisbury is known for many things such as its high population of skanks and tuff guys they are also known known for crappy cars, wannabe gangsters, blazin' and having an over population of Ginger kids .
Guy : Hey Babe where you at ?

Gurl: in Salisbury , Havin' a time.

Guy: Me too , im up at Toms, smoking

Gurl: Oh cool, wanna have some ?

Guy: Sure i'll pick you up in my shity Chev
by James Melvin Adar January 17, 2011
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A city on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, located just a few miles south of the Delaware border. It is the largest city on the Delmarva peninsula and is often called "The Crossroads of Delmarva."
Salisbury? Oh yeah, I've heard of that. I always see the signs for it when I drive by on the way to Ocean City.
by kel872 July 17, 2008
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Your Salisbury (or Salisbury Plain) is the stretch of barren land between scrotum and ringpiece.
'Tut, I've got an itchy Salisbury...'
by Derek Mullings August 30, 2007
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