Origin: Québec, Canada.
Swearword in Québec.
Multiple uses for this word.
"Ma t'arracher la tête mon sacrament".
"T'es un sacrament d'innocent".
"Touche-moé pas j't'en sacrament".
by StéphaNapkiN July 25, 2003
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the best song from HIM!
you know our sacred dream wont fail
the sactuary tender and so frail
the sacrament of love
the sacrament of warmth is true
the sacrament is you..
by Valo December 31, 2004
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tis a song and a swear word but it is also a secret rite, hell-bent or holy
by neen January 23, 2004
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Another quebecers'word
a ben sacrament! Mange un sacrament de char de marde mon sacrement
by SKy's Inc.® December 4, 2003
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A female living in Sacramento CA, with fake nails, fake tits, fake hair, fake tan, fake tits, fake teeth, fake insurance and a fake pregnancy talking about how she keeps it real.
Yeah bro that Sacrament Hoe came in the tattoo shop asking me for a henna trampstamp.
by Ranchgirls December 6, 2020
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The act of ejaculating a cross on the females forehead after oral sex. Especially funny and/or offensive if the girl just happens to be catholic.
In the name of the....Father (nut), and the.... Son (nut)
by Wyldkat74 March 24, 2005
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this school has probablly got some of the worst teachers in the world. Some of these tachers include mrs. loudan, mrs. wall, and mr. tiffy. Mrs. loudan is a man( or posably a crossdresser) she has a big hairy mustache that moves up and down when she is bithching at students.
ho, whore, witch, bitch, prostitude, trollop, hemoraphardite. WE ALL HATE "HIM" or "HER" or "IT"
by bannana bob February 24, 2005
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