1.(n)A piecce of fabric one carries possessions in.
2.(n)The scrotum.
3.(v)When one male places his genitalia on another person by removing pants and leans forward with their waste onto them. Can also be done with pants on.
4.(n)Slang for bed in which love is made on.
1."Hey, put those golf balls in the sack"
2."Man, I just got hit really hard in the sack, I think I'm going to throw up."
3."Dude, I sacked that little kid and he got his mom who then suckd my balls."
4."I got that hot bitch in the sack."
by Jamal Sanchez April 16, 2003
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v. to like a lot or love
used heavily in the NoVa area.

by weezyfbabyyyy November 06, 2008
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Sack is derived from the term "sack of shit". It describes someone who is unworthy of even being filled the feces that would reside within a "sack of shit". It is usually used to describe a person who is extremely lazy or is performing an extremely lazy act.
Friend #1: "Hey man can you shut the lights off?"

Friend #2: "Sorry bro. Busy."

Friend #1: "Dude you're right next to them. Just reach over and shut them off."

Friend #2: "Man that's too far away. I'm busy."

Friend #1: "Busy doing what? You've been playing League of Legends and eating toaster waffles on my couch for six hours."

Friend #2: "Exactly. I'm busy."

Friend #1: "You're a fucking sack."
by Kflop Fats January 25, 2013
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1. Aussie slang for disapproval. Can be accompanied with a straight before the sack to amplify its meaning.

2. Aussie slang another word for fired.
Mike: Do u wanna go movies

David: straight sack

Did you hear that John got sacked?
by Idekwydttm March 16, 2019
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