testicles, balls, or nuts (pl.)
Mom, dad was looking at sacks on the computer!
by jawsh March 03, 2004
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A sack is a high school prank. This is how its done.

Step 1: Grab someones bookbag.
Step 2: Empty out the bookbag.
Step 3: Turn the bookbag inside out.
Step 4: Put the books back in.
Step 5: Zip up the bag, and have the metal zipper holding things on the inside of the bag
Guy: haha, that kid just got sacked.

Guy 2: owned
by Ernesto 4 April 03, 2008
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One of the greatest past-times of all time. Also known as hacky sack. Probably invented by a bunch of stoners or perverts that thought it would be funny if they invented a game where you smack a sack around.
stoner 1: Hey man let's go play with your sack
stoner 2: Alright
by sinbad master October 15, 2005
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(Not to be confused with autistic/mentally retarded people, only jerks)
"Hey, stop harassing him you Sack!"
"WTF? What is a Sack?"
"You and your mom, bitch!"
via giphy
by Sauc3yBoi December 02, 2019
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1. v. to hit one in the scrotum.
2. v. to fire, esp. from a job.
1. Keg has been sacked multiple times, once by a pumpkin.
2. Bob got sacked for leaving the cash register unattended on multiple occasions.
by Dain Kinkaide June 23, 2003
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A humorous insult not particularly referring to anything with complete certainty. Could be referring to the male genitals or something else completely.
Hey, that kid Mark over there thinks he's pretty tough. What a sack!
by llamakicker April 04, 2011
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