the coolest car on the earth
mine is so awesome i got rearended in the parking lot at school and had no damage
dude sweet ride
yah thats an s10
by steve akontan April 28, 2007
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A friggin awesome minitruck made by Chevrolet, greatest car company on earth, from 1982 onward. The first generation S10s were produced relatively unchanged from 1982-1993. Second gen S10s lasted from 1994-1997, and the new bodystyle (Still in production) has lasted from 1998.

S10s are very popular. They are amazingly cheap to buy and customize, and just as many have been lowered to the ground as have been thrusted into the sky on knobbly offroad tires. I happen to own one, it is the sex. S10s are popular recipients of engine swaps, where one removes the stock 4 banger or 6 cylinder and installs a V8. (Usually a 305 cubic inch, though the more adventurous install 350s, and i've even seen a 454 stuffed into one. You can find many modified into drag racers, rock crawlers, and lowriders, and the good old fashioned rusted-through work trucks are everywhere. Everyone loves the Chevrolet S10.

My particular example is a 1985. It is black with dual white racing stripes on the hood (aftermarket cowl hood, btw), a now out of production full Stillen body kit, a vinyl bedcover, a 305ci V8, Pioneer CD player, and two 8" subs behind the bench seat.

Of course, the ignorant assholes out there will see the words 'body kit' and do something along the lines of "OMFG! Posermotherfucka trying to rice out an S10!". I feel i should elaborate. My truck is very much American muscle - the 305ci V8 i have already mentioned breathes through dual straight pipes all the way back with dual Flowmasters filtering it all. No fart-can exhaust on this, it's more like a Chevelle with a bed, 'cept not an El Camino, 'cause it doesn't suck.
"dude, your S10 kicks ass."
by Clayton Bigsby October 17, 2005
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A badass American made small size pickup capable of whooping on and Volkswagen golf GTi any day of the week
Dude that S10 Xtreme totally smoked that GTi, poor bunny couldn't build enough boost for that truck!
by GTiEater March 13, 2015
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A long lean nigga killing machine used for the baddest of badasses
Ah shit man he got the Chevy s10
by Niggadog is a gay rabbit March 8, 2021
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Once, their were these brave men who protected a small shopping center, They were like PB&J... EPIC
S10/P34 took a penny and turned it into a felony.
by sportsallstar812 March 2, 2010
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When you hit someone with you car or truck, and then have sex with their dead body.
After Justin hit Ryan with his car, he chevy s10ed him.
by funkybunch November 20, 2006
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A Clique in Brentwood ny know for terrorizing the opps and Brentwood highschool a whole bunch of menaces to society that gets money and fuxks bitxhes. S10 stands for (stand 10)
Don’t go over there they might rob you they S10

Them S10 nikkas some demons you hide
by OTBaaron December 31, 2022
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