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20 definitions by Clayton Bigsby

Noun: A person who steals for a living, breaks into your house, takes your TV, whatever.

Verb: To take something.

1) Derrick's a thief, bastard stole my CD.

a) I thiefed that loser's CD, 'cause I liked 'em.
b) Oi, go thief some pop for me, I'm thirsty.
by Clayton Bigsby December 20, 2005
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Very underappreciated female breasts, in sizes ranging from <A cup to B cups.
Way too many men don't realize that there is such a thing as too big.
Small breasts are beautiful things.
by Clayton Bigsby December 20, 2005
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a person with such a huge penis it takes up their entire body, making them look like a giant one eyed monster
Oh god its an alien invasion!
Oh nevermind i forgot Jim was a cockamund.
by Clayton Bigsby March 27, 2005
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another word for a flamer. Also, one who has no friends,life, or sense of humor and constantly steals others jokes. A Cono can only be a male. Calling someone a Cono is also telling them that they are a gay motherfucker and have no penis except the one that is probably in their mouth.
Mike stop bein such a Cono and stealing all of my jokes.
by Clayton Bigsby March 30, 2005
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What you get after anal sex.
"Had some anal with Becky, but I had a crazy case of Corn on the cock afterwords!"
by Clayton Bigsby February 23, 2006
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Used to describe any random country in the Middle East, without having to be specific.
by Clayton Bigsby April 20, 2005
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When Neo from the Matrix (or anyone else) violently rams cd-roms into peoples asses without their permission.
This bitch wouldnt back off me so i have to neoramrom her black ass.
by Clayton Bigsby March 27, 2005
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