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EVERYONE THERE IS RICH! everyone lives in huge houses and drives expensive cars. everyone knows everyone. designer fashion is a must. no one feels like they have to show off their money to anyone because they know everyone else has it too. the wives don't work. all the income comes from the husbands. mostly referred to as the "brentwood bubble" because kids raised there are not used to the outside world.
"where are you from?" susie
"brentwood." mary
"ohhh." susie
by ksjdehfkjshdfkljh March 24, 2009
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Brentwood is a town in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area with excellent schools and almost no crime. From the 1970s through the 1990s, Brentwood was an agricultural town that grew produce that was a favorite of Alice Waters and used in her restaurant, Chez Panisse in Berkeley. Of course, Brentwood was an agricultural town before the 1970s as well. Around 2000, developers wanting to capitalize on the good schools and vineyards, built many homes, golf courses, and retail lifestyle centers in Brentwood. The developers publicly stated that they wanted to transform Brentwood into the "new Danville" and have pretty much achieved their goal. In 2007, the median income of Brentwood, $100K, surpassed that of Walnut Creek. Favorite places of Brentwood residents include Trader Joe's, Peet's Coffee, Bluefin Sushi, Caps restaurant, and Hiro's (a Japanese restaurant established by the former chef "to the stars" from the MGM Grand Las Vegas). Presently under construction are REI, Tommy Bahama, and Abercrombie & Fitch. BMWs, Mercedes, and Audis are popular and one occasionally sees Ferraris and Lamborghinis on the streets.
Many high schoolers in Brentwood have new cars and are consumption and status oriented. Houses have home theaters, wine cellars, and swimming pools. Many teens know how to play golf, sail, and feel pressure from their parents about getting into good universities.
by Michele Marshall January 20, 2008
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a Town where the cops WILL PULL YOU OVER FOR EVERYTHING!!!
The town is run by a bunch of mormons which means they LOCK everything down the way they want it. I live out near disco and I always try to avoid the B town at ALL costs!
Dont go to brentwood unless you want to get pulled over.
by Shasta March 11, 2005
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Brentwood is an affluent suburb of Nashville, Tennessee.
According to Wikipedia:
(As of 2007) "The median home price in Brentwood is $523,477. The median household income in Brentwood is $130,580."
Brentwood parents often send their children to the better private schools in the Middle Tennessee area (ie Battle Ground Academy, Brentwood Academy, Harpeth Hall, St. Cecelia's Academy, Montgomery Bell Academy, Father Ryan High school, and Franklin Road Academy). However, Brentwood High school and Ravenwood High school are two of the best public schools in Tennessee. Teenagers typically not only have their own car by 15 or 16, but in quite a few cases, their own expensive/luxury car. It is not uncommon to see many - if not all - girls wearing designer clothing and carrying designer bags (especially Coach, Louis Vuitton, Dooney and Bourke, Juicy Couture etc). Depending on trends, most younger teens are seen wearing Hollister, Abercrombie, or American Eagle apparel. Ralph Lauren and Lacoste polos are a popular name brand among all Brentwood residents. Brentwood was the first place I heard someone coin the term "prosti-tot" - for all the young ( <17-18 aged) girls who dress promiscuously while parading around the few "teen hang outs" in the Brentwood/Coolsprings area. Prosti-tots are apparently jail-bait and present potential trouble for 18+ aged boys who fail to realize they're hitting on a 14 year-old with just too much make-up and cleavage.
The party scene in Brentwood is not so great unless you're one who always enjoys going to X's house party while the parents are away (or in some cases, while the parents are present) to drink yourself to oblivion only to do the same the following weekend or whenever. In a hasty generalization of the younger crowd (and I do not excuse myself in this negative stereotype): we (teens/college students) are all just a bunch of spoiled and bored people. I still love living here, though. Haha.

After his/her graduation, (Insert Name) returned to his/her house in Brentwood to host a party where his/her (Insert School Name) and (Insert School Name) friends joined to drink alcohol and take pictures of their insobriety.

Upon my return to Brentwood from Vandy for the summer, I found that Franklin Road (a main road that runs through Brentwood) had been resurface/repaved. I was very excited.
Source: R.H, Brentwood, TN
by R.H June 16, 2007
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1. (Noun) A horrid and morbid place of so called "higher learning." Devils patrol the halls and hag teachers devour small helpless, yet extremly snobby and evil devil children. Innocent children scream in terror when left by their parents.

2. (Noun) The end to all that is good and hopeful in the world. Apocalyptic headquarters of the collective sum of all that is Evil.

3. (Adj.) describes the loss of all hope and the embodiment of despair
OMG did you see that teacher eat that poor defenseless child?! WHAT IS THIS PLACE?" ". . .Brentwood.
by summerboy6708 October 12, 2010
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Brentwood is a city in Long island, NY its a poor area wit alota spicks and nigs. theres mad shootings over there its considered to be the worst part of long island nd theres mad gangs like ms13, latin kings and bloods. I would never roll threw there cuz i wouldnt wanna smell all those stinky beaners nd risk gettin mugged.
brentwood is one of the hoods of long island, other hoods are central islip, wyandanch, hempstead, roosevelt etc.
by WhiteBoiFROMcommack March 15, 2010
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