The guitarist and occasional back up vocalist in canadian prog rock band Rush. His real name is Aleksandar Živojinović and is the son of Serbian immigrants. He is a highly talented guitarist, one of the best ever, but since no music media outlet ever cares about Rush, is often unappreciated. Plays a wide variety of guitars from Gibsons to PRSs. Can play better than just about anyone. He's nicknamed Lerxst from a mispronunciation of his name.
Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, and Geddy Lee are the god-kings of progressive rock. Just listen to 2112 or Xanadu or La Villa Strangiato

In 2003, Alex Lifeson got into a brawl with police in Naples and had to be tased multiple times.
by M.O.T. April 8, 2011
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Original member of rock band Rush first formed in 1968 and the best guitarist in the world! He is also the most gorgeous thing to come out of Canada.
Pete - "Oh God, he's trying to be like Alex Lifeson"
Mary - "Yeah, but he's not cool enough for that!"
by LuckyCharlene April 14, 2011
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Guitarist for the prog rock group Rush.
Alex Lifeson was arrested for throwing a cop down a flight of stairs and spitting blood in another cops face.
by The Analog Kid June 7, 2004
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One of the hottest guitarists to ever walk this Earth. He's got a gorgeous Serbian face with pouty lips, and the biggest dick known to man.
Female Rush fan: "Do you even know how HOT Alex Lifeson is?!"
Male Rush fan: "Tell me about it, even *I'm* head over heels!"
by PermanentRadiowaves October 24, 2023
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