german word for "backpack".
Also used as a slang term for
I have all my stuff in my rucksack.
I am going to kick someone in his rucksack.
by ederkeg May 24, 2004
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*A slang term referring to the scrotum (aka : testicles).

*A type of backpack, often worn by military personnel, usually squarish-shaped and used for storing miscellaneous supplies.
"I'll kick that dumbfuck right in the rucksack if I have to! >_< "

"I wanan wear a rucksack to school one day."
by Dave May 19, 2004
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Sora's nobody.... but not really. He's also kind of part Ventus. It's complicated.

He has an ice cream fetish. He's friends with a gay pyromaniac and a re-color of Kairi

He also has a toxic fanbase
Sora : this is Rucksack he's my nobody.... but not really
by Boredombored January 15, 2019
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A term for the scrotum which reflects the fact that they are an unattractive appendage not unlike a tatty backpack for the possessions belonging to a more impoverished member of society
He seems to have a bit of an itch on his tinker's rucksack
by Adbase December 28, 2013
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The Finnish Rucksack describes a vertical (standing-up) version of the traditional sex position 69 where the male participant is hanging upsidedown on his partner performing oral sex whilst receiving oral sex himself. However, for this to qualify as a Finnish Rucksack (in stead of it just being a vertical 69) the hanging man has to be pale and blond, almost resembling a large, unbaked loaf of white bread.
"Dude, I did a Finnish Rucksack on this wrestler chick I met last night. It was awesome - she had no problem carrying me..."
by Jukka Santala March 22, 2010
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Often spotted in various nightclubs. This is where a young white female is adorning a large black male on her back.

Basically a large black male attaching himself around a girl to show their status.
Wow. Does this club not have a cloakroom coz all the girls seem to be wearing black man rucksacks!
by JoFX February 21, 2011
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