a hot awesome cool babe that is married to someone on discord
“Sora u kinda cute no cap
by mikasas true love February 21, 2021
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Also japanese for sky.
ORANGE no SLIDE utsusu sora ~ Ride on shooting star from FLCL
by SHUTTATRAP! August 25, 2003
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1. the leading character in Kingdom Hearts
2. the one who will open the door to the light
1. the leading charecter in Kingdom Hearts
2. the one who will open the door to the light
by michael Wallin December 21, 2003
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A kid with enough chains and zippers to start his own bondage festival
Do you like Sora?
by *kills everything* September 2, 2016
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It's more than saying I love you, it's more than any love you've felt for anyone. This love is what I call Sora. Sora is important. It is everything I want to say to my lover all in one word. Sora is warmth, Sora is comfort, Sora is a promise. A promise of forever love. You'll know it when you've found your Sora, but Sora seems to be different for everyone.
I feel Sora for my boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband.
by Akatsuki723 December 29, 2020
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The main protagonist of a popular video game "Kingdom Hearts"
he is often shown as naive but strong hearted, and helps to thwart the darkness on several of his adventures.
he is the chosen keybearer.
his best friends are Riku and Kairi.
in the first game, it is hinted that Sora has a crush on Kairi, but in the sequel, Sora seems to almost be less interested in Kairi, and more interested in Riku.
Sora: Kairi! -hugs- I've finally found you.

Kairi: and Riku's here too!

Sora: what? -sees Riku-
Sora: RIKU! -falls to his knees crying and embraces Riku-

but seriously people, just look at the evidence.
by Hotpan April 3, 2008
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