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-what a penis can look like when it is "shaven"
-another name for a penis
jojo: "did i tell you what michael said to me while we were hooking up?!"
demi: "no! what did he say!?!"
jojo: "he told her he felt bad because it looked like a rubber chicken..."
by HB LOVER March 08, 2011
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Any number of chicken-based dishes, usually drowned in sauce, and commonly served at a buffet or high-volume serving (such as a wedding or conference) where the chicken is overcooked, dry, and . . . rubbery.
The keynote speaker at the business conference was inspirational, but the rubber chicken lunch made me gag.
by Hey Now 415 March 10, 2005
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Person: "I ate my real chicken so I bought a chicken made out of rubber also known as a rubber chicken."
by Evil October 18, 2003
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