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52 definitions by Evil

Person: "I am a rebel because I wear my tennis shoes for running." heh...heh...
by Evil October 19, 2003
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an excellent movie that has fantastic SPFX, a semi decent story line, mediocre acting and awesome fight scenes, which grabs the viewer into believing that these movies are the best thing since STAR WARS, only to find that the next two movies where written and directed by intoxicated watchers of the tele tubbies, turning what is possibly the best original movie in years into the good part of the worst method of spending my hard earned money to see a movie when the trailer is so much better than the movie itself
I saw the first matrix, it was awesome. I can't wait for the sequels!
I saw the second movie, it didnt make alot of sense, and it was nearly all dialog.
I saw the third movie, thank fuck neo died, I hate the bastard! I wan't the last two and a half hours of my life back!!! What a crock of shit
by Evil January 10, 2004
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A box that is secret.
Person: "I need a box that is secret to put my stuff that is secret in so that all my stuff that is secret is secretly secrete in my secret box that is secretly keeping my secret stuff that I secretly use for secret stuff that I do secretly."
by Evil October 19, 2003
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i was rakin' taters and i broke mah shank...
by Evil September 6, 2003
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A puppet made out of a sock usually used for entertaining yourself when your a fat loser and nobody will talk to.
Person: "I am a fat loser and nobody will talk to me and the only human contact I get is through anonymous chatrooms. I think I will make a puppet out of a sock for my entertainment.
by Evil October 19, 2003
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you stupid motherfucker how can you not know this.....its special and sped(special education) combined
You are so spedcial
by Evil August 24, 2003
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damn mother fuck....they band is fucking bad ass but "the guy" has a is wayne
You dont kno the devil til you hear static-x
by Evil August 25, 2003
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