"Ready To Go"
Coined by Doug Vulich of Simi Valley, California.
1: Yo, man you ready?
2: I'm rtg, dawg.
by tom December 31, 2004
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(n) Stands for "Rating", as in a girl who gets a high rating in a scale of 1-10. It can also be used in its plural, "rtgs". Orginated in Los Angeles and its popularity is rapidly spreading. Each letter is pronounced separately.
"Damn look at that rtg to your right. She's pretty sexy"
"I just saw a whole group of rtgs walk into the frat"
by highwayystar September 25, 2009
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(Noun) A rare but highly contagious sexually transmitted disease which induces intense homosexual attraction towards Esports athletes, and may cause frenzies of uncontrollable ejaculation when near other RTG-Affected British esports atheletes.
Esports player 1: let's take that guy in our team! He is a hell of an ADC!

Esports player 2: are you fucking deranged? He's got the RTG! We'll be fucked(quite literally) if he joins our team.
by Blejing January 26, 2022
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"Man, she's so hot"
"Nah, she got that RTG goin on"
by SwagTown April 7, 2014
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1. Science:
Abbreviation, stands for: "radioisotope thermoelectric generator"
Uses thermal energy released during the decay of radioactive isotopes (e.g. Pu238(IV)-oxid) to generate electricity.

This can work in many different ways, but is currently tested in combination with stirling engines.
Pu238(IV)-oxid releases a lot of heat, which can be used by an RTG to generate electricity.
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John: "Nothing commemorates the birth of Christ like a stripper pole."
You: "I see your RTG is going full blast today."
by Onedee Tentee September 25, 2007
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troll: "awesome news day...FOAB, soviets unite, and a quake to boot???"
Pit-Bee: "Link? Source? Looks like you have the RTG going full blast today."
by Onedee Tentee September 12, 2007
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