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Acronym for "This Post Makes Absolutely no Sense."
poster 1 (replying to previous post): fejiwaon.kz weed

Original poster's reply: TPMANS
by Onedee Tentee June 21, 2005
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Something You Should Know. To be used instead of FYI. (Sometimes FYI can mean F*ck You, Idiot)
SYSK - The accepted your proposal.
by Onedee Tentee May 2, 2005
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Ex 1: Just what we need, another ron.
Ex 2: What a ron!
by Onedee Tentee June 1, 2005
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John: "Nothing commemorates the birth of Christ like a stripper pole."
You: "I see your RTG is going full blast today."
by Onedee Tentee September 25, 2007
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troll: "awesome news day...FOAB, soviets unite, and a quake to boot???"
Pit-Bee: "Link? Source? Looks like you have the RTG going full blast today."
by Onedee Tentee September 12, 2007
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Please, No Pictures. Used when a post is made where you absolutely do not want to see what is being talked about.
Jim: "I'm thinking of shaving my pubes.."

Bob: PNP!
by Onedee Tentee March 30, 2005
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Gore Work Warning. In addition to work warning, ww the following post has gory content that is not work-enviroment safe.
DudE! THis guy really whacked his motorcycle. (gWW) -or- (GWW)
by Onedee Tentee May 18, 2005
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